Webinar Recorded - Calculating Bandwidth / Storage

Author: John Honovich, Published on May 15, 2013

The most common technical request we hear from our members is how to properly calculate bandwidth / storage for video surveillance systems. It's hard to do correctly as at least 6 key factors impact the calculation, with no calculators being able to build in every variable. Plus, mistakes can be very costly both for overloading networks or falling short of the amount of storage you really need.

We held a live webinar on May 21st with more than 75 attendees. Here's the recording:

Comments (17)

Hi John,

I would like to participate in this Webinar, but 2pm EDT equals to 8pm CET. Is there any chance of changing the Webinar time to 10am EDT?

Will the webinar be recorded in order to watch at a different time?

Tiago, Chris, we will record and post the webinar.

Unless we have 2 sessions of the webinar at opposite ends of the day, some people will have difficulties attending live. For this one, we are just doing 1 session but in the future I am open to doing 2.

please do record and post the webinar, since i may not be able to participate, due to time difference.

That is 9pm in South Africa. By this time I will have had a glass of wine with my supper and be asleep in front of the T.V. A recored post will be great.

Ken, thanks for the feedback!

Those of you who would like to attend live but have a problem with the timing, please post here and let me know. The more comments we get to that end, the more we will prioritize multiple sessions in the future.


I too would like a recorded session; the webinar would occur at around 7-8pm BST.

Many thanks.

Hi John, I´m away from the office so watching the recorded webinar would be the best option for me.


I'm looking forward to watch the recorded session as its posted.


ps. - a handy site to use when planing international meetings or across many timezones.

but you all knew about this site already proabably...

I do look forward to a recording of the seminar unable to make it

Hi John,

A recorded event will be great to catch up because of the time difference as I stay in Dubai.



Arun, ok, great feedback. Btw the webinar starts in 15 minutes! :)

I would love to join in, but I am exhausted.

How do I get to see it?

Thanks for the webinar, in future could you leave the questions on the recording? This offers some insight and may perhaps answer some questions that users (watching the recording only) at the end in the Q & A area.

Hi Cliff, Can you clarify what you mean by 'leave the questions on the recording'? Do you mean you want them displayed on screen or?

Sorry on the delayed response, I was just hoping that the recording kept going into the question period in the event that it answered some questions (I had) on the seminar from your team and peers.

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