Sony Super Sized Low Light Imager

By: John Honovich, Published on Feb 19, 2014

Many feel very strongly that larger imagers mean better low light performance despite our test results showing how much more important other factors are.

For those of you, good news. Sony has released a full HD, 1/2" imager, far larger than common HD cameras with 1/3" or 1/2.7" imagers. Indeed, Sony is boosting far greater low light performance.

Model Comparison

**** **** **** ******** that ****** ******* **** better *** ***** *********** despite ******* ******* ******* *** much **** ************** ******* ***.

*** ***** ** ***, good ****. **** *** released * **** **, 1/2" ******, *** ****** than ****** ** ******* with */*" ** */*.*" imagers. ******, **** ** boosting *** ******* *** light ***********.

Model **********


*** *** */*" ***** is ********, ********** ** *** regular */*.*"**********, ***** **** ***** as ***** ****** **** both *** ******** ***** and **** ******* ******. ****'* ******* ************ specifications ***** *** */*" model ** **** *.** lower ************ **** *** */*.*" VB630 ***** - .** lux *** *** ***** compared ** *** .** for *** *****. ***********, the */*" ***** ************* is ******** ****** **** the **** ***** ***** (at .** ***).

*** ********** *** **** results ** *** ***** and *****, *** *** ****'* *** *** ** Cameras ****.

**** **** ********** **** the */*" ***** "*** a ***** **** ***** and ***** **** ************. So *** ***** ** built *** ************ **** as *** *** ****** where ***** ******** *** desired."

*******, ******, ** ** a *******. *** ******* VB630 *** ** **** of $*,*** ******* *** new */*" ***** *** an **** ** ****** $300 ****, ** $*,***. Even **** *********** ****** and ****** *********, ***** will ** **** ** the **** ********* ***** cameras ** *** ******.

Comments (11)

Sensor is the king! IMX185

I'll see your 1/2" and raise you an inch:

where to pair a lens ...

I'm waiting for the day where 1" chips return so I can make use of that ancient stash of lenses I still have laying around from 'back in the days'.

When will be available in the market?

I believe it's already shipping in the US and is listed for sale on a few online stores.

Hi John

When do you plan to test it ? I have VB630 and 600 but will be very interested to see if really larger the sensor is, better the quality is. IPVM should have reached now a powerful status where vendors should send you automatically and for free their new models ? Are they ?

We do not plan to test it. It is a niche camera, far more expensive than top choices already available and not claiming to be a massive improvement in low light.

While we do get samples or loaners sometimes, we do not encourage it. We overwhelmingly buy the cameras we test to minimize any concerns or conflicts of interest.

real pitty u dont wanna test it. For me as for others i guess, it would be nice to know which camera has the best performance in lowlight. So i dont care wether or not it is a niche market.

So, please test it.

Sony has been leading with sensor performance in the DSLR world. Has Sony been applying sensor technology to recent surveillance cameras and what is the outlook in the next few years?

Sony certainly sells / applies / offers sensors for surveillance cameras. We have not seen any indication that those are radically better than other sensors used in surveillance by Omnivision or Aptina.

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