Samsung Wisenet HD+ Tested

Published Jul 18, 2016 13:32 PM

HD analog continues to expand, now with Hanwha/Samsung offering AHD via their Wisenet HD+ line [link no longer available].

We bought two 1080p camera models, their higher-end outdoor vandal dome (SCV-6083R) and their lowest cost dome (SCD-6023R), to test with a 4-channel DVR:


Inside, we see how this new AHD line stacks up against Samsung's own IP cameras as well as Hikvision's TVI models.


Hanwha / Samsung's Wisenet HD+ AHD cameras delivered performance similar to Wisenet Lite IP and moderately better than Hikvision TVI equivalents in our tests.

However, pricing of Samsung's low end model is substantially higher (~$50) than Dahua/Hikvision CVI/TVI models, though varifocal vandal domes are priced similarly.

Finally, Samsung's AHD DVR still includes limitations, usability issues, and quirks not found in other manufacturers' recorders, such as requiring Internet Explorer (which must be run as an Administrator) and defaulting to CIF resolution (despite all cameras being AHD 1080p). These issues were present in our previous test of their low cost AHD kit a year ago.

Note, the Samsung DVR worked with both AHD and SD analog cameras, connected to TVI cameras but only with black and white video and did not produce any video when connected to CVI, unlike some upcoming competitive models.


Price competitiveness of Hanwha's AHD models compared to CVI/TVI equivalents varies depending on the model.

  • The indoor fixed lens dome (SCD-6023R) sells for ~$130 USD online, 30-40% higher than Hikvision's or Dahua's lowest cost 1080p models (~$90/~$80 respectively).
  • However, the SCV-6083R (~$150 estimated street price) is priced roughly similar to Dahua or Hikvision varifocal domes, both ~$150. 
  • The SRD-494 (1TB) has a street price of ~$300, significantly more than Hikvision's or Dahua's 4-channel TVI/CVI DVRs (both ~$150).

DVR Physical Overview

The SRD-494 is large for a 4-channel DVR, sharing the same 1U chassis size as larger 4 and 8 channel models, and nearly twice the size of other models, such as Hikvision's 4 channel TVI DVR.

The DVR's BNC video inputs automatically detect SD analog and AHD cameras without any manual configuration (though resolution bizarrely defaults to CIF for both, see below). These inputs are not compatible with TVI or CVI cameras.

We review this and its other physical features in this video:


Camera Physical Overview

The Samsung AHD domes are fairly typical for indoor and outdoor domes, though the SCD-6023R is notably larger than compact models from Hikvision or Dahua.

Most notably, both include a physical rocker switch/button which may be used to control the OSD menu for camera setup, not typically found on other HD analog models, which require users to use the DVR interface to control these functions up the coax. In our tests, we found setup to be much easier using these physical buttons compared to up the coax, as latency was much lower.

Day Comparison

We tested image quality in full light in this test scene:

In this scene, the Samsung AHD cameras perform similarly to the Wisenet Lite IP model, with similar details. The Hikvision high end TVI camera (2CE56) provides slightly worse details than Samsung. However, the low cost Hikvision bullet (2CE16) shows fewer details, with a "murky" image in this scene. 

Low Light Performance

In low light the Samsung AHD and Hikvision TVI cameras perform similarly, and moderately better than the Samsung Wisenet Lite model, which appears slightly blurred (note that focus was not manually changed from day to night in any camera).

Slow Shutter Default

Both Samsung AHD cameras defaulted to slow shutter (1/5 second exposure), requiring users to change to 1/30s via the OSD menu. Many users may not be aware of this default nor realize how to adjust it.

Despite slow shutter being enabled, there was little blur seen in our tests with IR enabled, seen below.

However, with IR off at night, slow shutter's effects are prominent, with significant ghosting.

DVR Compatibility

The SRD-494 is compatible with AHD and SD analog cameras, without any manual configuration. The DVR automatically detects which format is connected.

The DVR had problems connecting with other HD analog formats. For example, video was monochrome only when connecting to TVI cameras, while CVI cameras produced no image at all.

DVR Interface

The SRD-494 DVR web interface is essentially unchanged since our test of Samsung's consumer AHD kit (video below). There were/are several annoyances/limitations in this web interface, reviewed below, including: 

  • Internet Explorer Only: No other browsers are supported for either live viewing or configuration.
  • Must run as Windows Administrator: In order to take snapshots or recordings, Internet Explorer must be run as an administrator. These functions simply fail if not.
  • CIF default: Regardless of what type of camera is connected, the DVR defaults to recording at CIF resolution on all channels. Users must manually change each channel.

Versions Used

The following firmware was used on recorders/IP cameras:

  • Samsung SRD-494: v1.00h_160409104528
  • Hikvision DS-7204HQHI-SH: V3.3.2 build 151123
  • Samsung SND-L6083R: 1.01_150918
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