Firetide Revenue and Customer Testing Update

By John Honovich, Published Aug 16, 2009, 08:00pm EDT (Research)

Firetide released two announcements this week: (1) record revenue in H1 2009 and (2) a customer reporting rest results of up to 300 Mb/s outdoor performance.

On the revenue side, Firetide reported 50% growth from H2 08 to H1 09. In a follow-up phone conversation, they stated that revenue was up between 60-70% from H1 08 to H1 09. The latter comparison is year over year and revenue ramp up of over 60% is significant.

They noted that they have averaged doubling of revenue each year since 2005. It's hard to estimate what actual revenue is and since Firetide only starting selling products in 2004, doubling 4 times is unlikely to result in huge numbers. Firetide did note that about 60% of total revenue is from deployments using video surveillance.

Firetide anticipates growth in the use of their new 900 MHz radios [link no longer available] for Smart Grid deployments.

As for the "up to" 300 Mb/s test results, this was for a "a point-to-point backhaul transport connection" using 2 radios bonded, each with 40 MHz spectrum. Firetide provided me additional detailed testing information from a variety of scenarios showing a range of performance from 140 Mb/s to 340 Mb/s (all using dual radios).

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