Ready to Go ONVIF 'Kit'

By John Honovich, Published Nov 07, 2013, 12:00am EST

What if a camera or VMS could just add a software module and have full ONVIF support? And what if that module in the near future evolves into a turn key VMS that could be branded, extended and resold? That's the plan for the Russian software development team [link no longer available] behind the ONVIF Device Manager. They have now developed ONVIF reference designs to allow others to jumpstart their ONVIF video efforts.

The Offering

They have two main options [link no longer available]:

  • ONVIF Network Video Client (NVC) Library and SDK - allows interfacing with ONVIF based cameras and recorders for both live streaming and recording (the G profile). It is a one time commercial license fee of $5,000 USD.
  • ONVIF Network Video Transmitter (NVT) and Network Video Storage (NVS) SDK - enables camera / encoder manufacturers to add ONVIF support for a one time license fee of $10,000 USD.

The company, iDeviceManager, also offers technical support contracts and customization.

In 2014, they plan to release a VMS reference design with full ONVIF S and G support, alarm management, mapping, etc.

The Value Proposition

They are positioning themselves as the specialists in ONVIF development. While ONVIF enjoys such broad support, it can be costly and frustrating for camera and VMS manufacturers to develop their own ONVIF support, work out low level issues and continue to keep pace with new versions.

Moreover, being strong at ONVIF is not a competitive advantage for most manufacturers, as the goal is to get reliable interoperability and then differentiate on other features. For many smaller organizations or newer entrants to IP video surveillance, it will likely be far less expensive and time consuming to look at such a third party reference design that to develop themselves.

Compared to OEMing

The VMS market has a long history of OEMing, with now big players like Genetec, Exacq and Milestone all being significant OEM providers to larger companies like GE, Tyco, Verint as well as well known companies like DVTel and OnSSI. There has always been an attraction for companies with larger brands to outsource development.

The ONVIF Impact

The big difference here is that focusing development on just ONVIF radically simplifies and yet expands the potential scope of devices supported, all while reducing development costs. The pricing that iDeviceManager is offering could enable many companies to offer lower cost solutions.

And, yes, ONVIF integration has its flaws, but it is clearly gotten a lot more reliable, to the point where most integrations IPVM tries work right away. More importantly, this will most certainly continue to advance, and if a software developer can specialize in simplifying ONVIF integration, it could be a powerful market force.

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