Proxim 300Mb/s Wireless Product Offering

Published Jul 12, 2009 00:00 AM
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Proxim has released two series of high speed wireless networking equipment targeted to the video surveillance market. These are basically the next generation of Proxim product as their equipment has been used in IP video for many years.

There is a Point to Point (PTP) series (the QB-8100) and a Point-to-Multi-Point (PTMP) series (the MP-8100). The price for a link (end to end) will be about $12,000 to $15,000 MSRP (depends on the configuration). The PTP series is generally used connecting different buildings (e.g., 8 cameras on a remote building with no wireline connection). The PTMP series is generally used for connecting a number of distributed cameras back to a building (e.g., 5 PTZ cameras on various light poles in a parking lot).

Key point - though the series says 300Mb/s, an examination of the data sheet indicates that the system is actually for 100Mb/s of throughput. [This is similar to the variance in Firetide's new super high bandwidth product].

Proxim reports that later this year, it will release a 600 Mb/s version. Proxim says there will be a variety of models offered, some of which can be software upgraded for higher speeds while others require new equipment.