PR Person Starved for Attention

Published Oct 18, 2012 04:00 AM
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I must admit I have a new favorite security blog. It's such a guilty pleasure but in an industry like ours that offers so few geniune public opinions, it is a winner. The most recent entry explores how the company's boss is 'starved for attention [link no longer available]'. The least we could do is provide some.

[UPDATE 2013: The blog has been removed.]

Of course, that is not the first gem from the CompassPR blog [link no longer available].

  • The week prior, the boss blogged how she wanted better security for her show horse [link no longer available] (#whitepeopleproblems).
  • Before that, a new employee described the leap from being a security magazine editor to a PR person [link no longer available] (same work, better pay).
  • At ASIS, they has the funniest spin on poor attendance.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to the next one.

Oh, and if you forgot, this is the same PR company that expertly manipulated dominated SIW's list of top products at ASIS. So, don't worry CompassPR, just keep it up and you will get lots of attention. The rest of the PR companies are so quiet it is hard to remember they exist.

UPDATE: After publication, CompassPR deleted the 'starved for attention' reference. One would think a PR company (led by former 'journalists') would be more careful to label themselves as such. Here's the original unedited version:


That said, it's not the worst thing for a PR person to be starved for attention. In some regards, it might actually be a virtue. After all, what is more fundamental to PR than getting attention?