Pixord IP Camera Overview

Published Oct 17, 2011 00:00 AM
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In this update, we will examine the IP camera line of Taiwanese manufacturer Pixord. While Pixord has low name recognition, they provide some of the most inexpensive megapixel cameras we have seen. In this update we will examine their line of IP cameras, and compare them to Vivotek, to see how they compare.

Product Overview

Pixord's IP camera line [link no longer available] is relatively limited. It consists of all the standard camera types: fixed box, domes, cubes, and speeddomes. Resolutions vary from VGA to 2MP. At the beginning of 2011, Pixord also announced a line of 2MP panoramic cameras [link no longer available]. The line is divided into H.264 and MPEG-4 series, with less of the line supporting H.264, about a 40/60 split. 

The line currently does not support ONVIF, nor is Pixord an ONVIF member, so we would not expect it in the near future. Pixord does have a list of over two dozen NVR partners [link no longer available], mostly second-tier VMS providers, but also including more common platforms, such as Milestone, NUUO, and Synology.

Box Camera Comparison

For comparison, we will use the Pixord P600E [link no longer available], a 2MP true day/night box camera with mechanical cut filter. At max resolution, it has a max frame rate of 15FPS, while at 720p, it offers a full 30 frames. One thing worth noting is that Pixord uses High Profile for all of its H.264 implementations. Pricing below is estimated street price based on confidential distributor pricing:

  • Pixord P600E: ~$330 estimated street price, with included CS-mount 6mm fixed lens
  • Vivotek IP7160: ~$275 online, includes 4.2mm CS-mount lens
  • Vivotek IP8161: ~$550 online, includes 3.1-8mm CS-mount lens

The Vivotek IP7160 competes closely with the P600E, with one exception: it does not support H.264.  In order to add H.264 support, users need to go to the IP8161, which is priced substantially above the P600E. If H.264 is a requirement, Pixord's pricing is substantially lower.

Bullet Camera Comparison

Pixord does not currently produce outdoor dome cameras. For outdoor appliacations, they instead have a handful of bullet cameras. In the megapixel range, the only option is the PL621E. The PL621E [link no longer available] has the same resolution/frame rate limitations as the P600E above: 15FPS at 2MP, or 30FPS at 720p. The camera features a mechanical cut filter and built-in IR illuminators specified for 15m range. Users should beware that manufacturer-specified illumination ranges are often overstated, which we discussed in our IR Illuminator Performance Test.

In this case, the difference in Vivotek models is resolution, with the IP8332 having a max resolution of 1200x800, and the IP7361 topping out at 2MP. Pixord is competitive with the lower-resolution Vivotek model, and substantially less expensive than the 2MP version.


For users seeking inexpensive cameras, Pixord could be a reasonable choice though it does not offer notable price savings relative to better known market options. A survey of online sources turns up only minor complaints about the web interface, which is a common complaint about most of the Asian camera brands.