Pixim and CSST Join HDcctv Alliance

By John Honovich, Published Jul 15, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Two fairly sizable companies are joining the HDcctv Alliance - Chinese video surveillance leader CSST [link no longer available] and Wide Dynamic Range chipset leader Pixim [link no longer available].

CSST is important for the large and growing Chinese market as they are widely recognized to be the Chinese market leader (with $427M USD revenue in 2008). Given the low market share for IP cameras in China, CSST's support for HDcctv makes sense. It also could help drive adoption in China, a key market for the future of video surveillance.

Pixim plans for their future HD Pixim chipsets to be compatible with HDcctv specifications (though a release date is not available).

[Update 2012: Pixim still has no HD cameras (IP or HDcctv) and CSST's prominence has faded. The HDcctv Alliance continues to work on building in Asia, Europe for lower end deployments.]

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