Pelco Responds to Criticism Impressively

By John Honovich, Published Jun 09, 2014, 12:00am EDT

Companies tend to put their head in the sand when criticized, hoping it will go away and bitterly bemoaning that anyone would actually speak their mind.

Now, contrary to this, Pelco has delivered a powerful example of professionally responding and stepping up to criticism. Even more impressively, it is being lead directly by the head of Pelco.

A number of people criticized Pelco in the wake of the 'Pelco is Back' assertion and, more recently, after the Pelco Major Rep Shakeup.

Pelco Steps Up

Not only did Pelco respond with specific details, they reached out to a number of people with problems and worked to solve them. As one end user followed up, "After working with Chris and a couple of the techs specifically assigned to us via Chris, we are in a much better spot than we were a month ago. Very reminiscent of the Pelco of 15 years ago."

Equally importantly, the head of Pelco, Herve Fages [link no longer available] addressed numerous concerns head on. Instead of attacking critics or making excuses, he admitted that they did not handle the shift well from the 'McDonald era' and then explained where they were at and what they are attempting to do, saying that:

"I challenge my organization on a daily basis to stop talking, to continue proving and most importantly, to focus on what matters most: our customers and what matters to them, on-time deliveries, field failure rates, customer satisfaction scores, repair time, on-hold wait time, etc. As a result, I am confident that the industry‚Äôs perception is changing. Obviously not as fast as I would like but I am proud of where we are, the obstacles (self inflicted though they may have been) we have overcome, and where we are headed." 

Can they deliver? I do not know, but they are clearly making efforts as shown by how they have handled public and, often, biting criticism from people online.

Customer Service Vs Innovation

With IP innovation on the downside, it is becoming more important than it has been in many years to demonstrate extreme customer service. If minimal innovation continues, product differentiation will decline and manufacturers will need to switch to other avenues of differentiation - such as how far they go to support their customers.

Lose - Lose 

One major manufacturer remarkably admitted to us that they did not want to 'reward' customers who criticized them. Better evidently to let them suffer. Of course, this is a guaranteed lose-lose situation. While the customer may be stuck with a bad product, the manufacturer is now stuck having an unanswered public negative review.

Win - Win

By responding to one's customers and partners publicly, not only can companies solve those problems but they can build good will with future prospects and industry participants by showing that they are truly committed to supporting their customers.

Pelco, undoubtedly, has certainly more work to do to be totally 'back', and we are not convinced that it can be done, but it is a bullish sign to see that Pelco is taking responsibility publicly and going out and solving problems that arise.

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