Pelco IP Camera Price Cuts

By Ethan Ace, Published Jul 24, 2014, 12:00am EDT

Starting July 1, 2014, Pelco has made significant price cuts across their mid to high end IP camera lines.

In this note, we examine the price cuts and how this impacts Pelco's competitive positioning against other large brands like Axis, Panasonic and Sony.

Price Cuts Overview

These price cuts impact two of Pelco's Sarix series, Professional and Enhanced. Sarix Value line pricing remains unchanged. Price cuts vary by line and model, ranging from as little 6% to as much as 24%, averaging about 18% in the Enhanced line, and ~15% in Professional.

Based on these reductions, street pricing has changed on specific models approximately as follows:

Note that while this price drop took effect July 1st, not all online sources may reflect reduced pricing yet.

Competitive Positioning

These price changes bring pricing of Pelco's top tier Sarix Enhanced cameras in line with other major manufacturers. For example, top tier 1MP indoor domes from Axis, Panasonic, and Sony, all retail for about $800-850.

Pelco still faces price competition from lower cost entrants such as Hikvision, Samsung, and Dahua, however, whose top tier domes sell for ~$400-500, substantially lower than Pelco and competitors.

Continuing Downward Pricing Trend

As we covered in our IP Camera Costs Comparison and Trends report and seen in Panasonic's recent price cuts, Pelco's price reduction continues the overall downward trend in IP camera pricing. 

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