Pelco IL10 Value Line Reviewed

By John Honovich, Published Apr 02, 2013, 12:00am EDT

Pelco is getting into the IP budget market with its new IL10 Value Line [link no longer available], its lowest cost IP cameras ever. In this note, we examine the key features and omissions of these offerings plus a comparison to Axis's M series and other budget offerings.

The series contains a box and dome models, as shown to the right. Both are 720p, indoor only, color only and have fixed lenses (68°).

MSRP pricing is in the low $400s, with the dome versions slightly more expensive. We expect street pricing to be in the $250 to $300 range.

[UPDATE: See our IL10 test results.]

Key Things That Stand Out

A few notable features or lack thereof:

    • 720p maximum pixel count - Especially as more and more manufacturers standardize on 1080p even for budget cameras, this could be a limitation, if only on a specification basis.
    • No replaceable lenses - even budget domes are increasingly offering M12 mount replaceable lenses to change the FoV width. While ° is fairly average, those who want very wide will have an issue.
    • A 1/6.9" imager - This is not a typo but the smallest lens we have ever seen on an IP camera. Often, smaller imager size means lower quality. However, Pelco emphasizes that they are using an "integrated sensor optics architecture that draws from the cell phone industry" and that it uses "a back lit sensor that permits better light gathering into sensor pixels and better low light performance." Ultimately, one needs to test this to see how it truly compares.
    • Offers 24VAC power option - The series offers 2 options for each form factor - PoE and 24VAC. As more budget cameras go PoE only, the option for 24VAC may be a competitive advantage.
    • The triangle shape of the box - It is definitely different. Whether or not it is better is an aesthetic judgment as it is unlikely to make much of a practical difference. (Note: it looks most like the Ubiquiti $100 bullet camera.)
    • Not Really a Minidome - Pelco calls the dome a 'micro dome' and uses a picture that makes it seem tiny and flat but the architectural diagram shows that it is quite tall/long:

Competitive Positioning

On the plus side, Pelco has needed a value line offering, so having this eliminates a whole. However, it is a fairly basic offering that shares core feature sets with similarly priced products that have been shipping for a year or two. Plus, it lacks the breadth of resolution options, lens choices and small size of the Axis M30, available at similar or lower prices. For the sake of competition, it is good to see Pelco release this (as part of a major initiative this Spring). However, if they want to be a top tier competitor in this segment of the market, they will need more.

[UPDATE: See our IL10 test results.]

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