Pelco Criticizes Arecont's Multi-Imager

By John Honovich, Published Jul 10, 2015, 12:00am EDT

Pelco is rolling out their new multi-imager line and they are taking aim at Arecont.

In their new promotion, here is the comparison they offer:

Two criticisms of Pelco here:

  • As we recently discussed in Go After Your Competitors, it would be more powerful to cite Arecont by name because then everyone would clearly know it is Arecont, attracting more attention from Arecont dealers, competitors or victims. Here it is passive aggressive even though the target is obvious to insiders.

Market Heating Up

Certainly, the multi-imager battles are heating up. And it will help the industry. With Arecont's poor overall quality and problems with low light, WDR and low frame rates in their multi-imager series, more offerings are needed. Not only is Pelco's line coming to market, Avigilon has their new open multi-imager series, Axis 33MP will soon ship and DW has a 48MP model forthcoming.

Update: Pelco's Arecont Criticism Video

Pelco released this video that deepens their criticism of Arecont: 

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