PayPal Now Supported

By John Honovich, Published Jun 26, 2014, 12:00am EDT (Info+)

IPVM now supports paying for memberships with PayPal. This is available for new members signing up as well as existing members updating their billing. Just look for the logo/button:

**** **** ** ****** **** *** major ****** ****.

Why ******?

**** ****** **** ** ****** ** they **** **** ** *** ** to************ **** ******* ***** ******** ****** card. ******, **** ** ***** *** to ******** ****** **** *********** ******.

Limits - ** ****** *** *******

** *** **** ********* ****** *** membership, *** *******.

Using ******

******** *******, *** ********* **** ******* ** ****** ****. *** *******, ******** * **** *** *** ****** to ***.

Comments (8)

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about payments, using Paypal or Amazon.

Will you still use Amazon if they buy Genetec?

As long as Amazon implements a 'Chinese Wall' and allows Genetec to be an 'independent member', than yes, yes, we will...

Because without that wall, who knows what could happen:

Jeff B. to Genetec CEO: Now that the deal is finalized, how can we leverage each others assets to the fullest extent?

Genetec CEO: Well first off, there's this guy who runs the premier security blog/review site AND, get this, they just started accepting Bezo Bucks last week!

Bezos: Say no more, I'll take care of this one, personally...

Btw, just had the first member switch to Paypal 15 minutes after announcing this. Cool!

Great! Now when will you start accepting Bitcoin??

Bitcoins, oh brother :)

We had a Bitcoin discussion a few months back - Off Topic: Are You Using Bitcoin? It does not seem to big in physical security yet...

Look forward to Amazon and any other online payment solutions with a decent rep, had too many bad experiences with Paypal.

If I get to push towards more radical behavior I'd ask them to nmap cameras. I can't quite bring myself to ask for Bitcoin subscription payments, that's a little too radical.

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