Panasonic OEM Dahua Camera Tested

By Ethan Ace, Published May 03, 2017, 02:45am EDT

Panasonic is now OEMing a series of cameras from Dahua, known for their backdoor, various other problems and their rapid expansion of direct sales against companies like Panasonic.

We bought one of the new Panasonic Dahua cameras and tested it.

In this report, we share our test findings, including the extensive steps Panasonic took to hide the OEMing on the product and the relative performance of Panasonic to Dahua cameras.

Panasonic * ******

*** ********* * ****** consists ** *** ****** [link ** ****** *********], all ***** ***, ******* from ***** ********* *** bullets ** * ** box ****** ** ** PTZ.

*** ****** ** ****** as "**** **** ** certain *****" ********* ** Panasonic's *******, *** ********* from ************* *******, *** ****** *** sale ** ***-** ** ***** America [**** ** ****** available].

OEM ************

******** ***** **** *** **-******* is * ***** ***:

********* ****

*** **-******* *** ********** next ** ***** ***** cameras ** ***** ********** device ********* *******, ***** below.

*** ***********

********* ** *** ***, V ****** ******* *** be ********** ** ****** Panasonic ** *****. *** example, ***** ******* *** camera ** *********, ***** below, *** ***** ** connect ****** ***** *** Dahua ******.

*******, ******* ******** ****** discovers *** **** *** camera ** ***** ********:

Significant ******* ** *** *********

**** *** **** **** in *** ***** ** hide *** ***** *** status **** ****/**** ***** OEMS. *** *** ********* has **** ************* ***********, some *********** *******, *** the ***** ******/****** ****** made ** **** **** like * ******* ********* camera. *******, ***** ******** with ***** ******* **** still **** **** ************.

***** **** *** ********* is *** ****** ***** menu *** *** ***** vs. * ******* ********* model:

Panasonic *** ****

*** ******'* *** ******* uses * ********* *** (**************** ****** **********), ******** ********** *** *******. **** **** ** not *** ***** *** OUI, ******* ****** ********* as *****.

Similar ***** *******

*** ********* ***** ********* similarly ** * ******* Dahua ******* ***** ** our *****. ** *****, differences **** **** **********, with *** ***** ***** producing ******** ****** *** noisier ******. 

Potential ******** *** ********* ************

********* *** ****** ******** ************ **** ************** *** ********* **** respected *** ***** ******* performance, ***** ** ***** own ****** ******** (**** as *********** ********** *-*** *******). ** ********, ***** ******* **** **** ********** ************, **** ***** ********** citing ****** ******** *** weak ******* ** ******. Though ******* *** ** improved ** ********* ******** it, ****** ******** *** unlikely ** *******. 

Dahua's **** ***** ******** ****** ** *********

************, ***** *** * poor ***** ******** ******, with ***** ******** * key*********** ** *** ******* Mirai ****** *** * ********** ******** ********** * ******** ** ***** products. ** ********, ********* has ******, ** ****, come ** ** ** video ***** ******** ***********. As ***** ** *** ***** ******** **********, ********* ***** ******* with **** * ******* of **** *****, ******** unnecessary ********, *** ******** strong *********. * ***** vulnerability ********* ** ********* branded *** ******* ***** have ****** ******** ****** on *********'* *****.

Win *** *****

** *** **** ****, this **** ** * win *** *****, ** they *** *** *********'* name ** ***** ***** for ***** *** *****. Claiming ** "**** ******* for" * **** ** big ** ********* *** be **** ** ** answer ** *******/******** ********* which *** *****.

*******, ***** *****'* ********** branded ******** *** ***** force ******, ***** *** Panasonic ******* *** ** a ****** *** *********, as ***** *** ** able ** ***** ***** prices *** *** "****" camera.

Comments (40)

Come on, Panasonic, have some pride! You are Panasonic, not Speco. Panasonic has one of the strongest brands in the world, why undermine that OEMing Dahua?

There is no margin for own development, if not OEM, dead is only way.  To be or not to be? 

If Panasonic believes they cannot make money selling entry level, fixed focal cameras, than I believe they should not sell them at all.

OEMing Dahua is far worse than just selling high end expensive cameras. Or if they feel they have to OEM for the low end, contain it to the Advidia brand.

...don't sell them at all.

If the Dahua cameras are at least equal in quality to their own in-house low-end cameras, but significantly cheaper, why not?

They have concealed the software better than most, now they just need a slightly more Panasonic housing.

If they don't play where the volume is they might end up being squeezed into a smaller and smaller segment, no?

"now they just need a slightly more Panasonic housing"


Does anyone one else miss the old blue and silver (R2-D2) color scheme?  I used to think their cameras looked far more modern/artistic than anyone else.  I am sure someone complained of course.

Did IPVM test the user name/password on this camera? In other words does this camera now force a change of user/password and force a strong password?  How about the backdoor?  Is it still present? 

I bought Dahua recently (not OEM), backdoor still there.

Thanks.  How long ago was this that you purchased the Dahua product? 

Latest one, purchased less than two weeks ago.


That's not good then as Dahua claims they have "fixed" that backdoor issue.

Maybe depends where and from who you purchases. (I'm not from US)

Presumably, there is a fair amount of inventory floating around the world. For its part, Dahua USA said that they stopped shipping what they had until they upgraded / fixed what was vulnerable.

Agree, still laying plenty on the shelfs untouched waiting for their owner(s), and I'm quite sure that's the case in US as well.

That's not good then as Dahua claims they have "fixed" that backdoor issue.

I'm guessing U3 bought it because of the backdoor, not despite it :)

Somewhat true, but not the whole truth, since it's not my first one

However, interesting to see resellers still selling w/ backdoor.

Would be interesting to hear if others purchased Dahua or OEM's too with the "feature" still existing.

We did not test for the back door but we will. 

Password security is the same as current Dahua. You are prompted to create a strong password but it can be canceled. 

We will report back on the back door findings. 

Update: just checked the WV-V2530 and the backdoor is not present. 

Just saw this buried in the support pages

Must be something there it was just added in the past 3 weeks


I doubt is has one As most likely the Advidia group/ Video insight probably worked with the Panasonic group on the software for these models.

Not saying its going to be perfect but "should" have less hole that their counter parts

as soon as my special order arrives I will starting a new project about "OEMing" cameras.



Camera oem

Should be fun one way or another

Good luck with your overpriced XiangMai module. And so you know the sensor is only 4MP! so I really wish you the best of luck. ;-)

yes I read the specs 5 for the lens and 4 for the sensor. most of the cost is due to shipping. even though it says free the cost is already added into the cost of the unit since i am not buying from ali-express . Plus I am only buying one not 1000.

think if i bought a 1000 it comes in around $20-35 USD per unit


Alas, poor Panasonic! I knew him, Honovichio, a manufacturer of infinite over-engineering, of most excellent quality. He hath paid my bills for about three years, and now how abhorr'd in my imagination it is!

My gorge rises at it.

-Spamlet.  Act 53, Scene 128.4

Unabridged version.

Why merge this into the Panasonic brand?  Adividia is hard enough to justify and could easily be used to bury product.  Adividia is at least easier to overlook as it is not carrying a Panasonic label, is an inherited issue, and is targeting a different market than Panasonic usually pursues.  I hope this product range disappears rapidly and is not a look at the future of Panasonic.

The lengths they took to obscure the original manufacturer in the web interface is impressive.  Kudos to whoever did that at Panasonic.


Oh the Lulz! You either marry Dahua, marry Hikvision, or DIE!! LOL

There will still be room for an Axis, Avigilon, and Bosch/Sony brand*, regardless of the OEMs grabbing market share. People will always like have a premium brand. Too bad that Panasonic won't be considered that much longer.


* I would have added in Hanwha here, but I'm not entirely sure what they are up to with this spin off...?

Jon - 

Initially, I disagreed on instinct due to your first line which is troll fodder.  After reading the rest I have to agree.  Panasonic really is damaging their premium branding and superior imaging reputation.  Not certain why they would release new products at one extreme touting "Mcafee Secure Communications" then release a line of cameras on the opposite extreme that is OEMed from the manufacturer behind a significant portion of the largest botnet in surveillance history.



Are you meaning you do not understand the acquisition Hanwha made from Samsung? "Spin off", from my understanding of when that word is most commonly used, is not at all accurate.

Samsung Techwin camera line was never operated or controlled by Samsung Electronics, but a core company underneath the umbrella. Hanwha, being the $55B global Fortune 500 defense and energy company they are, purchased Samsung Techwin from Samsung Electronics to support their global defense solution initiative.

Everything was purchased, from the proprietary Wisenet SOC and the industry's best optics, the two manufacturing plants, to the 550 engineers in R&D. It was a simple stock ownership exchange now being managed by a defense-focused conglomerate rather than a consumer electronics company. In other words, a much better home.

As proof the "better home" analogy, last year Hanwha Techwin released 80+ products that had strategic places in the market and this year there have been 60+ products released just in Q1. Mind you, these are not OEM products, but designed and manufactured from the source. In addition; a reinforced product management organization, several new sales and support staff, a new state-of-the-art NA HQ building, industry innovation in terms of smart codec, video compression and industry's best and most powerful DSP at the moment.

On top of that, Hanwha is the only true manufacturer that can compete with Hikvision to Axis (and everyone in between) in terms of price and features with such an expansive line. And, believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet..

So its more of an evolution than a "spin off".   


No, recently Hanwha announced they are spinning off the camera and jet engine divisions. Could be they are selling? Who knows?

Out of curiosity, what is the OEM brand of Avigilon's latest H4 SL camera line? Chinese or Taiwanese? :)

More like Canada and US as they are manufactured in-house.

Bosch OEM from Dahua as well,there are Bosch,no different now!

Bosch OEM from Dahua as well,there are Bosch,no different now!

Would you care to back that up with a model number?

The AUTODOME IP 4000 HD looks a lot like the SD42212T-HN, but they don't show the web interface in the manual and the pictures are different, so hard to say.

I will admit there is a resemblance there. The spec sheets show that the dimensions are close, but not exact. Maybe IPVM needs to dig deeper there and see if there is a fire behind that smoke. 

Pretty big delta in cost between the two, if true.  That is one pricey Bosch sticker.

I just checked. Actually, the dimmensions are exactly the same, and there are too much design similarities to be just coincidence. I'm sure that is an OEM from Dahua, unfortunally. I was a Bosch fan.. until now!

Apparently, Bosch was trying to disguise it using other quotas, but, a radius of 59,8 +- 0,2 is equal a 120mm diameter. 

I used to say that Axis and Bosch/Sony were the best brands in the world, but, now, I need to change my speech.

Good eye, it does look very similar.

The user guide discusses a lot of terms and structure which are typical of Bosch cameras, though. It's pretty amazing they discuss the web interface at length without a single picture, though. And it's using Bosch's CPP4 firmware, same as a lot of other models.

That being said, it could still be built by Dahua and running Bosch firmware. 

We have heard from others that there was some OEM relationship and we've planned to look into, so we'll report back on this.

You guys are good!

I can't believe panasonic did this, they don't need dahou! They already have some great camera lines

being told that the 2530LK has been discontinued by Panasonic. Granted that doesn't stop there from being inventory on a shelf somewhere

"We have discontinued these models and use the Advidia brand as our lower end cameras to keep confusion down

The Advidia line is still OEM Hikvision and Dahua again to keep a price point"

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