Now Avigilon's VP of Marketing is Out

By: John Honovich, Published on Aug 13, 2015

In 3 months, the EVP of Engineering, the SVP of Sales and now the VP of Marketing of Avigilon have exited.

In this note, we review what happened and how this is likely to impact the company and its stock.

** * ******, ****** ** ***********, ****** ** ******** *** *** ** of ********* ** ******** have ******.

** **** ****, ** review **** ******** *** how **** ** ****** to ****** *** ******* and *** *****.


VP ***

***** ** ***** ** advancing ****** **,******** *************** ** ***** ********* "**** ********* ** ****** Marketing *** **************"** ********* ****. ***, less **** *** **** later, *** *** ****, according ** ******** *******.

** *** ***** ** an ******** ********* ****** on *** *******'* **** phone ****, *** **** that, ** *** *********, Herndon *** *** ****, though ** **** ********** that ******** *** *** made *** ******** ******** announcement ******.

******: ********** *** ******** marketing **** *** *****, but ***** ** ***** no ******** ******** ************. However,*******'* ******** ******* *** shows *** ***** ** Ericsson.

Challenging ***

** ******* **** **** ************, *** **** ******** were:

  • ** ******** **********, ***** will ******* **** ** learn *** ******** / idiosyncracies ** *** ***** surveillance ******.
  • ********* **** **, * low ** ******** ******, conservative ******* *** ****** to ***** ** ********'* win ** *** ***** approach.

** ******* *** ******* over *** **** **** at ********, ******** **** Avigilon's *** ********* ********* culture (******** ******* **** ***** Women, ***.) *********** ** her ****.

Marketing **** **********

**** ****** ****, ***** have **** ***** * number ** ******* ** Avigilon's ********* **** ****, the **** ******* ***** the**** ** *** ******** of ******* ********** *** Marketing ** **** ** ************** *******.

************, ******* *** ***** * number ** *** ********* employees, ********* **** **** HP, **** ** *********** ** ****** ******* Marketing.

Scaling / ****** **********

******** ********* ** *** for *** $*** ******* 2016 ****** *** *** high growth ****** ** ******* that. ***** ********'* ******* growth **** *** *** industry's ******* **********, ****** or ****** *** **** of ***********, ***** *** now ********* ** *** course ** * ****** is * ***** *******.

** ******, **** ** not *** ***** **** executive ******** *** **** an *****. **** ****, the **** ******* ***** after *** ***, *** of **********, ******** *** of ********* *** ** of **,*** ******. *** **** ****** rate, ************* *** *** stock ***** ****** ** struggled.

**** *** ***** ** executives ***** ************* ********* the **** ** ******* declines ** ****** *** pressure ** *************. ****, it ****** ******* ****** on*** *******, ***** ***** ****** 'leadership', *** ******* *** experienced ********** ********.

** ******, **** ** have ******** ****** ********* ******* ramping **.

Comments (29)

We did speak to an Avigilon marketing person on the company's main phone line, who said that, to her knowledge, Herndon had not left, though we also understand that Avigilon had not made any official internal announcement either.

Can we legally execute large-block trades based on this information?

Making stock trades is an issue between you, your attorney, and your financial advisor, not IPVM.

According to Avigilon, only if you're buying.

At Avigilon 'Resigning' without being asked is grounds for dismissal.

For all you know the "booth babes" may have been her idea. But maybe she quit when someone mistakingly asked her to be a booth babe.

The 'booth babes' preceded her tenure at Avigilon, e.g., Avigilon Paints Half Nude Women With Their Logo at IFSEC 2014.

They have a high turnover of staff in MEI region. They are just told when they come to office that they are fired and should pack up and leave... No wonder no one wants to apply for jobs there

If only someone could photoshop Schmode holding Alex Fernandes...

I would have to pass on that.

Transforming Prof. Smash into Dr. Sapartheshi was hard enough.

Apparently you have touched off a un-civil war over at stockhouse*, turning fanboy against fanboy and pumper against promoter...

The final post, (to date) is a study in the art of non-denial denials and back handed touting:

That blog loves to create and stir controversy over the hottest companies in the industry as it sells memberships. Take it with a pinch of salt until stories come from more reputable sources that don't hide behind a paywall.

*Warning, nasty name calling prevalent, though the intentional mispellings to avoid the vulgarity filter are somewhat humorous.

Those stock boards are rarely ever civil, I may be wrong about Stockhouse, but most are anonymous and unmoderated, meaning the human Id (Freudian) is predominant,

Is anyone truly surprised at this departure along with earlier exits of the Executive Vice President of Engineering, Senior Vice President of Sales, the Director of Product Management along with their Marketing Manager?

Why would you need any of these people when your future focus seems clearly set on becoming the Surveillance Industry’s #1 Patent Troll.

Perhaps we should pull the quarterly report and see how many new lawyers have been added to the Avigilon Team?

Patent Troll

This thread is like a camera with low light gone bad, you know some one is out there but you can't see them in the dark. Since there isn't any evidence, there is nothing credible to take away from the footage.

No evidence of what?

Avigilon itself is not disputing that the VP of marketing quit.

I am simply referring to the "undisclosed" comments - we can't see them - don't know who they are - could be the competition, could be anyone. An accusation or comment from someone we can't see is not as credible as a comment from someone we can identify or identify with, so take it for what it is - undisclosed. Just like surveillance footage when we can't quite identify the subject. It will be interesting to how this all pans out for Avigilon. You know you are out in front when evryone keeps trying to kick you in the but.

I will add that undisclosed is far better than no comment at all, just don't know how credible it is.

Avigilon has burned a lot of bridges with their ex-employees and former partners. That's a big factor here.

Not just burned their bridges, went out of their way to be predatory against their own dealers.

Didn't stand behind their product when they were clearly defective (HD JPEG2000 dome comes to mind).

P!ssed people off to the extend they created a site called; now defunct, but it gives you an idea of the bad will they created. Not me, by the way.

If you look back at my past posts, I had to file as undisclosed when I was forced to deal with them, but since that's no longer an issue, I go out of my way to let people know how bad they were/are. Do I have sour grapes? Not really, they just screwed me so bad, I haven't forgotten 3 years later and I'm happy to help other people make an informed decision.

Oh come on, John, we know that's really you. ;) lol

No, I think the few Avigilon loyalists left think that of though

LMAO, too funny. Nope, not John. Though I'm sure there are plenty of people who feel the same way.


Couldn't happen to a nicer company. :)

You forgot about the Business Develpment Team, manged by Dan Martel. In the last year they have lost thier Manager for Casinos, Education, Verzion, Healthcare, and many more managing thier Top Tier integrators. It seems if you have talent, you are a threat and must be eliminated.

...Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications...

Question, when you are in charge of global communications, and you give notice, is your last job to write your own press release?

/pops popcorn

Update: Herndon's LinkedIn profile now shows she works at Ericsson. If only she waited a few weeks, she could have been free of Schmode...

Then again she might have been the final straw...

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