New Products Show Oct. 2021 - 42 Videos On-Demand

By IPVM Team, Published Oct 28, 2021, 12:00am EDT

The October 2021 New Products Show is complete. All videos may be watched on the Shows Page.

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Schedule & Agenda:

Day 1 - October 26th - Analytics

10:00am: OpenEye - VP of Product, Ian Siemer

OWS v2.5: pending 2.5 release helps increase days of recorded video and share video clips more efficiently.

10:30am: Axxonsoft - Business Development Director US & Canada, Lee Duncan

Axxon One – Unified Physical Security Management System. Axxon One is a unified physical security management system that provides essential benefits for users and integrators: Managing the entire security ecosystem via a uniform interface on various client devices, cross-system automation, system scalability and advantages of the cloud combined with the security and control of on-premises IT infrastructure.

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11:00am: Network Optix - CMO, Tony Luce

Nx at the Edge: Powered by Nx platform and the Nx Server application on edge devices, create on-prem, hybrid, or straight-to-cloud VSaaS solutions.

11:30am: Cambium Networks - Vice President, Sakid Ahmed

Cambium Networks cnVision MaxrP: helps to deploy up to 3 PoE cameras with no additional drop cables, switch ports or power supplies.

12:00pm: Panel - Impact of VSaaS on Video Surveillance

A discussion with four VSaaS providers covering the market today, where it's headed, and its potential for future disruption of the surveillance industry.

With Eagle Eye Networks' Hans Kahler, Calipsa's Brian Baker, AxxonSoft's Alan Ataev & IPConfigure Inc.'s .

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  • Why pay for VSaaS when some competitors offer services free?
  • What advantages are there for cloud video & managed access to differentiate?

12:30pm: Eagle Eye - VP of Operations, Hans Kahler

Vehicle Surveillance Package (VSP) : connects to different LPR cameras and other sources and offers a unified platform for searching, alerting and more. The Eagle Eye Cloud provides centralized storage and processing, aimed at simplified access across multiple sites. Optionally, vehicle attributes like make and color are also captured and stored.

1:00pm: IPConfigure - CEO,

Orchid VMS: enterprise IP video surveillance solution built around a web-based interface which is offered in three variants; Orchid Fusion for the private enterprise, Orchid Hybrid for local recording and cloud enterprise management, and Orchid Alto for pure cloud recording and management.

1:30pm: Arteco - VP of Sales & Business Development, Steve Birkmeier

OMNIA Hybrid Cloud: Full feature Cloud-Managed VMS combined with Cloud-Hosted data analytics and diagnostic reporting. OMNIA Hybrid Cloud is a VSAAS solution which builds off of ARTECO’S 15+ years of experience in VMS, Video Content Analytics, ALPR, and 3rd Party Event management.

2:00pm: Cvedia - Head of Sales, Mijail Benitez

CVEDIA RT: an Edge AI inference engine for RGB and IR that enables integrators and manufacturers to quickly set up video analytics within their existing infrastructure or hardware.

2:30pm: Rasilient - CEO and Co-Founder, Sean Chang

NFDHybrid Cloud: allows integrators to deploy a zero-knowledge encrypted and VMS-Agnostic Cloud service, providing RMR. It packages edge server hardware, cybersecurity, and patent-pending transmission in one subscription model. Users can continue using their existing systems since NFDHybrid is agnostic to Cloud platforms, cameras, and VMS.

3:00pm: IronYun - President & CEO, Paul Sun

Vaidio version 5.4: New features include advanced quick search feature, 3D camera face recognition liveness detection; fight detection behavior analytics; enhanced privacy protection where the detected person’s face is blurred; face emotion detection analytics; Low power, IoT, edge AI appliance; five new 3rd party VMS integration. Fully integrated plug-and-play analytics including video and audio solutions.

3:30pm: Calipsa - CRO, Brian Baker

Calipsa Pro Analytics: suite of advanced AI cloud video analytics for real-time and forensic analysis. Leveraging event-based video to enable more effective and efficient security operations at scale, features include: object detection, scene change checks, loitering detection, crowd forming and forensic search. Products use frames, not video, saving both time and bandwidth.

4:00pm: Semandex Networks - President & CEO, Daniel Reininger

SALSA VIP: Semantic Analysis and Linking for Situational Awareness Video Intelligence Platform. SALSA VIP assists law enforcement and security personnel to find vehicles of interest across a large number of cameras based on type, make, model, color, location, time, and direction of travel, claiming to yield high confidence results within seconds.

4:30pm: Calumino - Founder and CEO, Marek Steffanson & Commercial Director, Bart de Jong

The Calumino Thermal Sensor (CTS): the world’s first low cost thermal imager supported by AI computer vision. claiming high end performance (equal to microbolometer) at low end cost (similar to thermopile). Offering targeted for mass-market applications in the security, fire safety, industrial, healthcare, smart building and automotive industries.

Day 2 - October 27th - Access Control

10:00am: Assa Abloy - Director of Product Management, Benjamin Williams

Corbin Russwin/SARGENT - SN 200/210 Series Integrated Wired Product: Featuring Signo Reader Technology from HID Global®, the SN Series is available with either keypad or non-keypad reader, offering the option of using card or PIN for authentication or for added security, card plus PIN dual factor authentication. The SN Series can be ordered with Wiegand communication protocol or Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP). Featuring AES-128 encryption, OSDP provides supervised, bi-directional communication between the reader and the Physical Access Control System (PACS),

10:30am: PDK - CMO, Jeffery Perri

Red High Security Mobile Readers & Credentials: Mobile credentials built on the Red High-Security platform, wiith OSDP secure connectivity, high-frequency MIFARE DESFire EV2 (13.56MHz), and optional low-frequency communication.

11:00am: ZKTeco - Sales Engineer, Monica Lopez

SF1007QR check-in kiosk: provides a 100% touchless visitor management experience and claims enhanced safety & security, including a user--definable health check questionnaire, unique QR codes, and face recognition. The device can also be integrated into a customer’s access control system to provide unattended entrance control for authorized visitors. The device and software are NDAA compliant and not manufactured in China.

11:30am: HID - Director Authentication Credentials & Services, Ronny Belin co-presenting with VMware - Director End User Computing, John Taylor

Digital Badge service: a component of Hub Services that can be integrated with Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) to allow the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on mobile devices to act as a digital badge. When the Digital Badge service is integrated with PACS, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app can work like a physical employee badge and provide a hands-free access to unlock doors.

12:00pm: Panel - Biometrics for Access Control

Discussion on the current state of Biometrics, use and best practices post-pandemic, and what impact new biometric technologies will have on access control.

With Sentry Enterprises's John Calzaretta, LenelS2's David Weinbach, Farpointe Data.'s Scott Lindley, Innometriks Inc.'s Matt Shannon.

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  • How has the pandemic affected the use and best practices of biometrics?
  • What impact will legislation have on facial recognition & biometric access?
  • What risks to physical security & cybersecurity does biometrics access create?
  • In 5 years, where will biometrics use expand and become accepted?

12:30pm: LenelS2 - Director of Business Development, Eric Joseph

OnGuard Access Control Software version 8.0: empowers security teams with enhanced situational awareness, unified security views and data-based insights. This release includes support for LenelS2’s Magic Monitor® unified client, enhanced reporting capabilities and a new, interactive OnGuard Maps feature.

1:00pm: Cloudvue - Regional Sales Manager, Edward Malinowski

1:30pm: Hakimo - Co-Founder and CEO, Sam Joseph

Hakimo: smart monitoring platform for corporate security teams that auto-resolves nuisance door alarms, detects tailgating, and gives actionable insights into access control data. Hakimo doesn't need any additional hardware and integrates with all major access control and VMS providers.

2:00pm: Defigo - Country Manager, Bob Moore

Defigo Solution: increase the security of your building & save up to 95% of administrative costs. Defigo is the new digital access control solution with video intercom.

2:30pm: Kentix - CSO, Jan Sanders

Kentix DoorLock-RA4 / Kentix OS 7: Solution for electronic Rack-Access which allows central management of permissions and delivers closing and locking status of each IT-rack door in real time.

3:00pm: Genea - Director of Operations, Mike Maxsenti

Global Dashboard: features provide admins with access alerts, aggregated user activity, hardware status, and alarm data for all locations from one dashboard.

Badge Designer & Printer: features claims to give admins unlimited ways to customize access badges to bring company branding to life on a physical credentials.

3:30pm: Sentry Enterprises - President and CRO, John Calzaretta

SentryCard: a converged biometric platform that combines several technologies into a credit card sized credential. Focused on solving enterprise problems - proof positive biometric authentication for physical entry, multi-factor biometric authentication for logical access as well as proximity detection for contact tracing and mustering.

4:00pm: Euklis - President, Antonmarco Catania and Product & Marketing Manager, Maddalena Catania

FaRe Hybrid: Physical Multi Factor Authentication Platform that through artificial intelligence offers different applications for detection, classification and authentication of people, vehicles and goods within a space-time perimeter in order to enhance security, safety, operations and perform forensic investigations.

4:30pm: - CEO, Amit Kumar

Frontier: industry’s first AI Cloud VMS – integrated with cloud video management. Frontier is aimed at combining consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade capability. VMS features such as access control integration, advanced AI features as such Liquid Spill and Slip/Fall detection. All hardware is included in the price, and it works with existing cameras. Designed for bandwidth-constrained environments (even 3G).

Day 3 - October 28th - Cameras, Tools & Networking

10:00am: Bosch - VP of Integrator & Distribution Sales, Ed Pedersen and Application Design Specialist, Matthew Cirnigliaro

Bosch Remote Portal: Cloud-based service for remote connection to customer systems. Installers can monitor connected cameras, configure camera features such as video analytics, and remotely perform maintenance tasks supported by the cloud. Remote Portal is also a hub to activate subscription services that include Alarm Management/Monitoring and more.

10:30am: Avigilon - Senior Product Manager, George Maroussis & Product Manager, Preeth Kumar

Avigilon H5A Rugged PTZ camera: The H5A Rugged PTZ is built to withstand severe weather conditions, extreme impact and wind speeds up to 143 mph.

Avigilon H5A Modular camera: The H5A Modular camera is the smallest Avigilon camera yet. Featuring a customizable design and analytic capabilities, it is an ideal solution for almost any environment with limited space or have discreet installation requirements, such as inside an ATM or behind false walls or ceilings in a police interview room.

11:00am: Hanwha - Sr. Product and Technical Training Manager, Aaron Saks

TID-600R Wisenet Video Intercom: The new solution integrates an IR camera and SIP telephony, allowing users to securely greet visitors and opening a connected door.

11:30am: Vivotek - Product Manager, Jesse Chen

Vivotek FE9191-H-v2 / FE9391-EV-v2 / SD9384-EHL: New NDAA compliant 12MP fisheye cameras (FE9191-H-v2 and FE9391-EV-v2) and NDAA compliant 5MP, 30x zoom speed dome camera (SD9384-EHL).

12:00pm: Panel - Future of Cameras

What’s next for IP cameras? With 4K+ resolution, artificial intelligence, white light illuminators, and more now increasingly common, what is the next innovation?

With Hanwha Techwin's Aaron Saks, Bosch's , Pelco's Hamish Dobson & Axis Communications' Johan Paulsson.

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  • In 5 years, will all cameras be smart cameras?
  • Will dumb cameras be obsolete, similar to SD cameras are dead today?
  • Is 4K the practical max use case?
  • Will there be a use for 12/24/48/54+ MP cameras?

12:30pm: Pelco - Director Product Management, Kevin Saldanha & Senior Marketing Manager, Adriana Karawan

The Pelco IMF Series Fisheye: Camera provides 360 degree panoramic views of large areas from a single vantage point, claiming to bring superior situational awareness free from any blind spots. Aimed for facilities such as schools, retailers, commercial buildings, casinos, hotels, airports or train platforms to leverage the camera’s high-resolution video to observe daily activities and optimize operational efficiencies. Offering notes built-in AI-powered Pelco Smart Analytics detect critical events and help increase security teams' productivity by expediting real-time responses and forensic investigations. The IMF Series fisheye camera is assembled in North America by Pelco and includes a 5-yearwarranty. Fully NDAA-compliant.

1:00pm: Geovision - General Manager, Daniel Shaw

AI Guard: full-featured VMS powered by advanced AI video analytics. Provides a spate of AI video analytics to filter false detections and increase efficiency.

AI Server: provides video analytics in retail environment. It can identify and compile customer statistics on age, gender, customer behavior and suspicious behaviors.

1:30pm: Illustra - Senior Security Solutions Strategy Lead, Louis Rabenold

Illustra Pro Gen 4 camera line: with built-in AI based object classification, events can be narrowed to classes such as person, car, bus and more. Aimed at increasing accuracy of Forensic searches become more accurate and automating situational awareness. Choose from a variety of analytic rules to customize the solution to what is personally beneficial.

2:00pm: Mobotix - Head of Product Management, Soren Litwitz

MOBOTIX 7 Series: offers a all-in-one package for customers including cameras, VMS, applications. Made in Germany.

2:30pm: Fluke Networks - Regional Marketing Engineer, James Davis

LinkIQ Cable and Network Tester: validates cable performance up to 10GBASE-T via frequency-based measurements. The LinkIQ™ also provides nearest switch diagnostics including advertised data rate, switch name, port number, and VLAN information, plus Power over Ethernet testing through Hardware/Software negotiation and loaded Voltage (V) and Power (W) tests.

3:00pm: Ditek - Director of Marketing, Mike Molinari

Versa-Module 2 Series surge protection system: Customizable surge protection system up to 24 channels. This system claims to cut down on the amount of physical space needed when multiple surge protectors need to be installed for various low voltage circuits, as well as providing one single ground termination as opposed to multiple wires for each surge protector. 3 chassis are available: 4 and 8 channel wall mount, and 24 channel rackmount. Each rapid-replacement protection module is available in RJ45 in/out, or 2 pair Screw Terminal in/out connection, with voltage levels ranging from 5v up to 130v.

DITEK Versa-Module 2 Series: A solution for protecting various combinations of Power Over Ethernet, data and power circuits. Optional 4, 8 and 24 channel enclosures allow for a array of customizable surge protection designs. Rapid-replacement modular design and single point grounding aimed at simplifying installation and service replacement.

3:30pm: Fieldhub - CEO, Miles Fawceett

FieldHub Integrated System Tracking: modern all-in-one platform for security installers. Includes native functions for CRM, proposal-generation, field services, recurring revenue, and full accounting. FieldHub recently launched its System Tracking module, a tool to track device details, central stations, zone lists, inspection and maintenance visit requirements, and related contracts.

4:00pm: TRENDnet - Senior Manager of Solutions Engineering, Evan Davis

TRENDnet Hive: New cloud ecosystem that TRENDnet is building from the ground up catered to installers with features and configurations ideal for product deployments and managing multiple networks remotely. First entry into the cloud will focus on web smart switches. The TPE-1021WS web smart switch is TRENDnet's newest switch compatible with Hive.

4:30pm: Ava - Head of Video Engineering & Co-Founder, Sam Lancia and CMO, Garrett Helmer

Ava Cloud Storage: customer configurable options of what to store in the cloud (ie anomalies, alerts, interesting footage, etc). Manage bandwidth and costs. Choice of where to store camera footage: Either in Ava Cloud Storage directly, with Ava Storage Connect for integration with 3rd party cloud storage providers or own local storage. Integrators who manage customers' environments will have the ability to securely and easily configure Ava Cloud Storage on behalf of their customers through the Ava Aware Cloud.

IPVM Moderates Seller's Presentations

While companies can present for free, IPVM experts will moderate all presentations, asking critical questions and pointing out general risks to consider. Moreover, the IPVM community will participate, bringing its collective wisdom to raise relevant issues.

Criteria Used For Selection

No presenters pay IPVM anything. It is free to presenters to ensure that anyone can present and IPVM is not biased towards the presenters (as traditional shows all work).

How The Live Presentation Works

IPVM will moderate the 20-minute presentations followed by a 10-minute QA session. IPVM will ask questions on behalf of the audience.

Watch On-Demand

The 2021 VSaaS show is complete. All videos may be watched on the Shows Page.

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We have had a flurry of emails from companies we declined and from those who did not apply previously.

We are going to explain to companies why we declined them so companies have proper feedback. We may expand the show slightly but, for now, are aiming to limit it to 3 days.

Informative: 1

John, hi! What is the best way for us to participate in the New products show with our videoanalytics platform now called Find Face Multi? We have made a really huge update to our product. And that is not to mention our impressive growth in headcount and sales.


Out of curiosity, what were the major reasons for declining certain vendors?

Agree: 2

Hi Alex - here are the most common reasons for declining certain vendors:

  1. Product is not 'new' or the recent update to an offering is not substantial enough to warrant a new presentation
  2. Product / offering is not relevant to our subscribers
  3. Company is not well-known and does not offer a product that is differentiated
  4. A company wants to present an OEM

When we evaluate lesser known companies, we look for the following:

  1. Product differentiation
  2. Substantial investment / backing / valuation
  3. Technical competence (eg - founders are MIT / Stanford PHDs. and previously worked for Google / Amazon after being acquired)
  4. Growth in headcount and sales (if a company has been in business for ten years but maintained the same headcount, lacks investment, show flat sales - its not a good sign their product offering is strong)
Informative: 4

UPDATE: The following companies were added to the show schedule: Ava, Calipsa, Calumino, & Genea


Nice job lining this up... looks great.


Will every single one of the session be uploaded afterwards? Hard to attend all of them in real time because of work.


Mohammad, yes, they will be uploaded. We already have 450 recorded sessions from previous shows uploaded here.

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Hello, due to the time zone difference it is a pity I cannot attend this real-time. It is possible in any way after this online show (realtime) we can access to the video? (for example the video somewhere be available for 48hr will help a lot)


#1, all the videos are posted in our Online Shows Video Directory with 464 recordings currently (including 13 from the first day and the ones from the second day will be added soon).

For example, I've embedded below the day 1 panel:

Informative: 1

This is the best panel, in my opinion. But in fairness I didn't watch the others.

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Thanks, John


Day 3 recordings have been posted to IPVM Show Presentations.

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