33 New Products Directory - Fall 2015

Published Sep 28, 2015 04:00 AM
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Undisclosed #1
Sep 27, 2015
IPVMU Certified

This product is so good that we allowed a patent on it. (This time...)

John Honovich
Sep 27, 2015

It's from Geovision but the goofy 'US Patent Allowed' image makes it seem like it is from a Chinese spam email.

Notice the 7MP. Here's how they get that: "The first P stands for Panoramic with a 5MP fisheye lens, and with an additional 2MP pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) 10x zoom lens module, all within a single dome closure. The design gives 360° full coverage with zoom-in capability, with one easy click of the mouse."

It's interesting though presumably with a 10x zoom, it is going to be short range. I've asked Geovision for pricing, ship date and data sheet.