BRS New Investment Examined

By John Honovich, Published Apr 15, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

Government filings disclose important details of BRS Labs funding and fundraising practices, including an April 2010 announcement. The most interesting details are the number of BRS Labs investors and the average size of each investment.

In the past year, BRS Labs has disclosed 4 investments with the following characteristics:

 Date  Amount Raised   Total Investors   Average Investor Investment
April 2010    $341,130    5    $68,226
September 2009    $6,000,000    91    $65,934
August 2009    $5,998,301    69    $86,931
April 2009    $2,341,401    17   $137,729

While BRS Labs has acknowledged that it takes a non-traditional, non-VC route to investment, this data shows more clearly how small the average investment is from many, many investors. Even assuming some investors participated in multiple offerings, it's likely that 100 - 150 unique individuals participated in this most recent $13.5 Million funding.

Can each of these investors with small investment sizes properly conduct due diligence and understand the risks involved and the actual potential of BRS Labs' technology? It is one of the main complaints made by people claiming to be BRS Labs investors in the now classic thread about BRS Labs being sold for $1 Billion by June 2009.

We remain skeptical about the technology and business practices of BRS Labs (as we first examined in our report on their risk and later on the Houston Chronicle's report). BRS Labs main validation comes from awards from people who base their decision on reviewing marketing materials (such as ASIS) rather than detailed testing. 

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