New HD Video Analytic Cameras (ioimage / DVTel)

By John Honovich, Published Sep 17, 2014, 12:00am EDT

DVTel is releasing their first HD video analytic cameras, nearly 5 years after acquiring ioimage.

With Avigilon EOL'ing VideoIQ products, this is an opportune time for rivals as integrators looks for alternatives.

In this note, we break down the features, pricing and positioning of the new ioimage / DVTel HD analytic cameras.


DVTel is releasing 2 models - 720p and 1080p box cameras, the CF-5212 and the CF-5222. The core differentiator is the integration / inclusion of ioimage analytics. Beyond that, they are fairly typical box camera - 30fps, H.264, audio, i/o, etc.

Previously, ioimage did not have a true MP / HD offering, with only the Picture in Picture based mmp100dn [link no longer available] MP camera.

However, the analytics were one of the top performing ones from the past decade (see our 2010 ioimage analytic test report). DVTel also reports a number of analytic enhancements earlier in 2014.

Max Coverage Width

DVTel specifies 32 meters as the maximum width of scene for their SD camera analytics.

By contrast, the 720p HD cameras have a max of 41 meters, 28% greater. Finally, DVTel says the 1080p model will have a wider range than the 720p one but would not disclose the exact increase.

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The MSRP of the 720p model is $1,100 and the 1080 model is $1,200. Considering that includes the camera and higher end analytics, that is a competitively attractive price.


DVTel reports that existing ioimage cameras integrate with Exacq and Milestone. 

The new cameras will support the same CGI API as before and that they will be Profile S conformant. DVTel noted that the CGI API for the new models communicate over a different port (8080 vs 80 for the old) and would therefore require minor modification for existing integrations. It will also be possible to use Profile S for analytic events but that will certainly take custom enhancements for 3rd party VMSes.


If the new DVTel / ioimage cameras work as well or better than the existing ones and they can enhance their VMS integrations, given the price points, the addition of HD and the restricted supply of VideoIQ now, the HD ioimage cameras have potential for being a useful addition.

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