Referrals - You Get 10%, They Save 10%

By John Honovich, Published Mar 13, 2014, 12:00am EDT

We added a referral feature that benefits you and your friends.

It's pretty simple, members share a referral link, if the person signs up within 30 days, they save 10% on the price of a new IPVM membership and you get a 10% credit to your account.

Here's your personal link:

Share with whomever you want. When they go to IPVM, it records a cookie that tells IPVM to give them 10% off for the next month and to credit you 10% when they sign up.

Their version of IPVM site's header will remind them:

And when they click to sign up, for example on the personal plan, it will automatically give them the discount, like so:

That works for personal or group 5 plans.

As soon as the person signs up, we automatically credit your account with 10% of that sign-up and send you an email notifying you of the transaction.

Oh, and if you use the email post feature, it automatically includes the referral discount link in the email!

Note: It only works for new sign ups, not renewals. You can also gift a membership for a friend and get a 20% credit for yourself.

A number of people have asked for this. I hope you find this useful and helps you to share IPVM with your friends. Feel free to share your personal referral link wherever - email, social media, your site, etc. Again, here's your personal link:

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