New Multi-Imager Panoramic Competitor to Arecont

By Ethan Ace, Published May 19, 2014, 12:00am EDT

Arecont has held a near monopoly on multi-imager panoramics, an important niche within surveillance for covering wide areas.

Now, Secubest, a Korean manufacturer, is releasing a rival multi-imager offering that boasts integrated IR and aims to outperform Arecont in low light.

In this note, we examine the features, pricing and competitive positioning of Secubest's panoramic vs Arecont.

Secubest Panoramic Overview

The Secubest panoramic camera combines (3) 2.4MP imagers side by side for a 180 degree coverage with 6 built-in IR LEDs with a specified IR range of 40 - 50 meters.

It outputs a stiched 180 panoramic of 5940 x 1280 (i.e., 3 side by side 1080p feeds), like so below:

Integration is planned via ONVIF. Secubest is going to support PTZ controls to enable pan / tilt / zooming throughout the stitched video feed.

Pricing / Availability

It is scheduled for general release in June at an MSRP of ~$1900 USD.

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Compared to Arecont's Surround Video

Compared to Arecont's Surround Video series, the main technical advantage is integrated IR illuminators, which addresses an important limitation of Arecont panoramic cameras - poor low light performance.

A minor difference is that Secubest is outputting a single stitched image instead of 4 individual streams (Arecont's output). A stiched output can make it easier to view all in one but can cause challenges fitting it in some VMS displays. 

However, Arecont's Surround Video has a number of technical advantages:

  • Higher resolution options - Arecont offers 8MP, 12MP and 40MP versions, though the actual benefits of additional pixel count tends to be modest and sometimes negative (e.g., in low light).
  • 180 and 360 options - Arecont offers both 180 and 360 versions, though the 180 versions are far more popular overall and for Arecont.

Pricing for both companies is in a similar range.

Besides integrated IR, the biggest plus for Secubest is that they are not Arecont. There are large numbers of integrators who refuse to use Arecont because of problems with Arecont's products and support. At the same time, 180 multi-imager panoramics provide a powerful solution for wide area monitoring, instead of installing multiple cameras.

On the other hand, Secubest is neither a brand surveillance people trust nor even hardly know, so choosing Secubest comes with its own unknowns. However, Secubest may find Western OEM partners to adopt / market their products.


Given multi-imager panoramic options are so limited, and with Arecont's issues, Secubest's new model could be an attractive option.


This camera is now being released through Digital Watchdog, scheduled for Q1 2015.

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