Multi-Imagers Added to IPVM Camera Calculator

By Sean Patton, Published Jun 15, 2020, 09:21am EDT

IPVM has added multi-imager cameras to the Camera Calculator, supporting this growing category of cameras offering 2 to 5 imagers with both fixed and PTZ options.

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New Multi-Imager Support

Multi-imagers are a new model type in the Camera Calculator that offers quicker and more accurate layouts.

Each imager can be adjusted individually plus the entire camera group can be moved as one assembly:

Camera configuration (e.g. HFoV, PPF/PPM, Distance, etc) for each imager is the same as current single imager camera models.

Selecting and Managing Multi-Imager Cameras

IPVM has added a new "Multi" form factor in the Select Camera Model menu which filters for multi-imager cameras:

IPVM Image

Once selected, multi-imagers will have 2-5 imagers nested under the primary camera model. Each can be selected and managed (distance, FoV, locked, color, etc) independently as a normal camera in the Calculator:

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Additionally, the main camera unit can be locked so only the 2-5 independent imagers can be rotated/adjusted around the fixed point of the main unit. This offers users to look down the main camera and not be concerned about moving all of the imagers at once while adjusting the FoV of one.

Updating Models Currently

We have 15+ of the most commonly selected multi-imager cameras loaded in the Calculator (including Avigilon, Axis, Dahua, Hanwha, Hikvision) and are actively adding models every day. If there is a specific multi-imager model you need for a design, email with the manufacturer and model and we will add.

Feature Overview Video

This 2-minute video demonstrates using multi-imager models:

Non-Restrictive Model

The Camera Calculator multi-imager model is a non-restrictive design, and will allow lens configurations that may not be physically possible with a specific camera model. We are looking to add limitations in a future update, but project designers will need to understand the range of adjustment for different camera models.

In this video (from the IPVM Repositionable Multi-imager shootout) are examples of the physical restrictions in multi-imager designs:

Previous "Single Imager" Support Deprecated

Previously, multi-imagers were supported in the Calculator by a notation prefix of "Single Imager" in the Model Selector Menu. Existing projects will still have those camera models in them, but as the full model list is updated, users will not be able to select "Single Imager" models.

Upcoming And Requests

We are now working adding 'walls' to simulate / show how camera FoVs will be impacted by various real-life barriers.

Earlier this year, we added the Phone Camera Calculator and we have more upcoming features later this year.

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This is a great addition to your already wonderful tool! Thank you for continuing to develop this software.

Every project I do involves the use of the IPVM Calculator. It's now a standard and expected with my projects.

Is there a way to mark an NVR or a switch location?


Thanks for the question, while we do not offer non-camera devices in the Calculator (yet), you can use the rectangle tool and/or add a label to indicate the location of an NVR or switch:

We have logged feature requests for non-camera devices and will be adding them in the future, but are currently focused on walls and Phone Camera Calculator development.

If Vivotek is not added, please add them as I use them exclusively for multi-imager applications. :: VIVOTEK ::

Those Vivotek Multi-imagers are now in the calculator. If you need anymore assistance please reach out to Thanks

This may be asking too much but is there any plan to add the various lens options to models like the Axis Q6010-E which has 4 different options?

Hi UD#2

After you select the Q6010-E, click Change Imager and you will get the choice of the 4 different lens options. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at

IPVM Image

Thank you I mistakenly thought that would take me back to choose a different of the 4 imagers. Follow up question I am guessing with this it is all or nothing we cannot say change out two for 16mm and leave 2 standard?

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