Milestone Employees Defecting to Vicon

By: John Honovich, Published on Jul 02, 2015

The hot company right now? Evidently Vicon.

Vicon has been stugglling for years and in the midst of merging with another troubled company, IQinVision.

However, last year, Vicon nabbed Milestone's CSMO. Now he is building an ex-Milestone team.

In this note, we examine the moves and the outlook for Vicon.

*** *** ******* ***** now? ********* *****.

***** *** **** ********** for ***** *** ** the ***** ********* **** ******* ******** company, **********.

*******, **** ****,***** ****** *********'* ****. *** ** ** building ** **-********* ****.

** **** ****, ** examine *** ***** *** the ******* *** *****.


Milestone *****-**

**** **** ***** ********* when **** ********* **** Milestone ** **** *** Vicon *** ****. ***** the***** ******, **************** ****** **** *********** but *****, * **** time *** ******, *** fallen **** *********** ********.

********* ** ******* **** quite * ****** ** his ****** ********* **-******* respect *** ******* ** him, **** *** ********* notable ***** ** *** this ****:

  • ******** ** ****** [**** no ****** *********], ****** Milestone ********, *** ** of ***** **** *** Vicon
  • ******* ******** [**** ** longer *********], ****** ********* Manager, *** ******** ** Field ********* *** *****
  • ******** ***** [**** ** longer *********], ****** ********* Manager, *** ******** ************ Program ******* *** *****

Taking ****

********* ******* ** ** a ****** **** ** work ******* *** ******* in ***** ********. ***** a *** **** * corporate ******* ** ********* less ******** **** ***** an *********** *******. ****, Canon's ********* (** ********* and *** ****) ********** Milestone's ****** **** ******** corporate **********. *******, ********* has * ****** ******** in *** ****** *** the *** ***** ** not ******** ******* ** any ******** *** ****** to ** **** *** gradual.

** *** ***** ****, Vicon is **** ****. **** Vicon *** ********** **** tarnished ****** **** **** competitive ***********. ****, ***** has **** **** $* million ** **** ** hand, ******* ******* ******** buildings ** ***** **** (see ** **** ********** [link ** ****** *********]). And *** ***** ********* to ******, *** **** to ~$*.**, **% ***** than **** ********* *** announced **** ********* (****).

Turn ** ******?

**** ******* **** ********* this ******, *** ***** first ****** ** ** cleaning ** *** / inherited ********, ***** ***** sense ** **. ******* they *** ** ********, and ******* **** *** build ** * ****** business ** * ***********, commoditizing ****** ******* ** be ****. ******, ** is ***** *** ***** to ** **** *** Vicon / ********** **** is ** *** **-********* team ********* ***** ** reproduce **** ** *** old ********* *******.

*******, **** ********* *** attract *********** ********* ********* to ***** ** ******* a ****, **** *** him *** *****.

What ***** *** **? ****

Comments (14)

Your vote needs another option:

Become a pizza delivery driver for Domino's

I decided that I would not vote on this as your voting options make assumptions I disagree with.

In fact I think it may be fascinating to work in either Axis or Milestone right now, as there are big changes going on in the industry which these actors will not only respond to, but will play a major role in leading the changes.

I can see the attraction in getting involved in a turnaround situation, and respect those who take the risk. However, I really think that the combined IQ and Vicon should rename and rebrand, and I'm sure they will at some point as they progress.

Alastair, I'll let them know you are interested!

As for Axis or Milestone, I think the real fascinating place to work for is their owner, Canon :)

I didn't say I was interested - I'm conducting my own high-growth, high risk business strategies ;-)

We're not doing too badly so far.

For the same reward?

No one in their right mind would switch for the same pay. You can always go to Vegas on the weekends if you are bored.

Follow-up question, how much more pay would it take to make you defect?

On the contrary, there are many who would. There are class of professionals in any industry for whom remuneration is NOT the main driver. Sure, everyone wants to be paid well, but so long as they are paid well enough, some people prefer being in a postion where they can really make a big difference, contribute to progress, and help drive real growth in a company.

A turnaround situation is one of those challenges which offer such opportunities.

"how much more pay would it take to make you defect?"

Well, we have the answer for Fullerton, right? 600,000 options against an existing stock count of ~9 million. I think that makes it a worthwhile gamble for him.

I do agree a little bit with Alastair here as well. Sure, money is typically part of it but being a bigger player in a smaller independent publicly traded company has appeal, both for freedom to experiment and ability to learn. I'll send in both of our resumes, deal?

Lot's of people would switch for the same pay, or even slightly lower pay.

If they don't see much future at Milestone, or if the new regime is simply making it less fun and less desirable to work there it's an easy call to go some place with a bunch of "friends".

I don't think this group of defetors says much about Vicon, but I *do* think it indicates that things are happening at Milestone that will bring significant changes to the way things have been.

Some people prefer being in a postion where they can really make a big difference, contribute to progress, and help drive real growth in a company.

Without expecting to be compensated when they make a 'big difference' or 'drive real growth'? IMHO, it's a small class of people.

If you want additional challenges without pay you can always work for ASIS.

B's favorite movie scene:

SIW: Why did you decide to leave one of the biggest players in the video surveillance management software space to lead what is predominantly a hardware manufacturer?

Fullerton: For a number of years, I felt like my work at Milestone was done. I had built up the channel, put the go-to-market strategy in place and there’s not really a big challenge in doing that once you’ve made it work and I was looking for a challenge.

Several times, internally, at Milestone I had suggested that we go acquire an appliance company and turn it into a new, successful business.

Milestone chose to go down a different channel and build their own appliances and once we got to the liquidity event with the Canon acquisition, it opened a window for me to take on a new challenge and Vicon/IQinVision were open to me coming and leading them. -Interview SIW

I would say that, in this case at least, Eric was primarily motivated by his new found financial independence, and only secondarily by his boredom of, and conflict with, Milestone.

Giving a job to a new CEO at the precise moment when he no longer needs a job at all (possibly), can lead to unpredictable results. After a couple of months on the job you will notice all sorts of 'windows' opening up...

A line from Silicon Valley seems quite appropos in this case:

"Have I surrounded myself with sycophants who are just telling me what I want to hear?"

"gulp ... no ...."

Sorry but Vicon is a very sick company. There are already death in europe.

I could not imagine that 3 manager can help a company which made many mistakes in the past.

To win a customer you need only month´s - to win back a lost customer you need years.

I once interviewed with Vicon, several years back. You couldn't pay me enough to work for the guy who was going to be my boss. Left a really bad taste in my mouth to this day.

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