Man Fights Crime With 21 Hikvision Cameras

Author: John Honovich, Published on Apr 08, 2016

Hero or lunatic?

One man has taken the fight against crime into his own hands. His special power is CCTV and he is not afraid to use it.

But many are upset that he has taken his CCTV crime fighting too far. Has he? We examine in this note.

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Comments (40)

I go on a sales call for someone like this at least once a month.


All of the negative votes can most likely be attributed to "he didn't buy it from me/channel" anger.

Jeremy, ouch!

I don't sell any equipment and I do think it's too much.

I love the idea of him volunteering fighting crime. I just think it would be more productive against more serious crimes and without the voyeuristic aspect.

I will completely admit that he crosses the line when he posts some of the video to the Internet. That being said, this guy is nothing more than what the masses are already doing with cell phones. If the city truly did not like him doing this (or appreciate it) they would have made him remove his rig. We are almost always on cameras in today's world. Act like a responsible person, and it is no problem. Act like a deviant, and you will have to "accept" your 15 minutes of fame.

No one ever gets upset when batman use tech to fight crime why should anyone get mad when he does it

Law enforcement cannot keep up with violent crime much less trivial violations. Keep it going....I am going to look into the same idea.

Blast'em away! It is public area, they do something naughty, put'em on the Internet of Shame!

Billy, lol!

In fairness, though, think what would happen in Hawaii? Guy puts a video online of a local girl peeing in the park at night. I am betting her brothers / boyfriend / family are going to blast em back!

So far that has yet to happen; if you have not aware of the Facebook group Stolen Stuff Hawaii, that is what is happening. If you have a Police report number and/or you are catching someone conducting illegal activities, you can blast'em on the group. Kinda interesting to see all the theft here in Hawaii; no more Aloha! To be honest, I get much of my leads from this page!

From what I can tell Stolen Stuff Hawaii does not post videos of women urinating, like our cameraman above does, e.g.:

These are the types of videos that I am saying could engender (understandable) retribution.


What state is this taking place in? Is audio recording legal at this location? My experience most DYI customers record audio without understanding the legal ramifications.

I think he is in Cali, which is a two party consent state, according to this link, where it also states that security cameras are not exempt from consent. I wonder just far he has to go to get in trouble for the audio recording?

Well, that would be a personal risk to him. One had better know the laws in your area . . .

I am quite surprised to see the results of this survey.

It might not be something I would do, but having lived next to a public park in the past, I can validate that there are all sorts of things going on there at night . . . and day. There were lude, criminal acts and even a homicide in the park that was right next door. If people are so bold and/or stupid to perform these antics in a public space what can possibly be the harm in trying to "help" elevate people's behavior? Hopefully the word gets around and people will avoid those activities in this mans immediate vicinity.

4, good feedback! I agree if the community realizes that the park is under active surveillance (by seeing and talking about these videos), it may very well reduce crime as criminals avoid.

The issue, though, does interact with privacy concerns (audio as stated above, posting pictures of half naked women, etc.).

I think taking the video itself and him calling the police for whatever the hell he feels like is fine. It is his stupid comments that push it over the edge. Just let the video speak for itself without the idiotic snarky comments.

To be entirely honest, I have two cameras at my home that watch public spaces. One is the school bus stop where all of the kids of all ages get on and off and the other is at a cross roads for our cul-de-sac. We have not had an issue in at least 10 years. They are mounted on my home and very public. We used to have minor issues like all neighborhoods. If people would just behave it would not be necessary.

Does one have an expectation of privacy in a public place?

If Cal has specific laws which address two party acceptance and all, one had better be aware of them. I am not certain that I would use Youtube to "shame" them . . . we have seen instances of that before where things got out of hand, however when one is in a public space one should never assume that you have any right to privacy. An example would be the many "people behaving badly" videos we see from athletic events and arenas, malls, and even streets. If you have concerns about it, you have better take private.


...however when one is in a public space one should never assume that you have any right to privacy.


You very much have a right to privacy, if you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. What is and isn't reasonable would ultimately be up to a jury if contested, but it is based simply on what a reasonable person would expect in those exact circumstances.

Sitting on a park bench talking quietly with your doctor, even if in clear view of twenty people does not mean that someone can use a shotgun microphone from across the park to record you.

If you start screaming at your doctor on the other hand, that changes everything.

And a reasonable person wouldn't expect not to be overheard then.

I think the problem with the "Hey it's a public place" argument is that all these folks' lapses in judgement are now on Youtube in perpetuity. If it's an actual crime, sure, ok. If it's someone who's had too much to drink peeing in the shrubs, come on. We really think that's ok? Really?

I have cameras on my garage. If I have an incident, I'll hand video the police. I won't make a Youtube hall of shame out of it.

While I do not disagree with your premise, that people should not be on the "wall of shame in perpetuity", I would say if people feel like drinking too much and peeing in the shrubs is not a big deal then they probably don't care if they are on youtube either. Some are probably proud of it and share it with their friends

Nonetheless, if you do not want to be caught behaving badly, foolishly or even criminally, do not do so in a public place.

We are in a new phase of society in which technology is writing a new set of rules. The concept of privacy, as we know it, is being redefined right before our eyes. The gov wants access to your encrypted iPhone, the NSA is spying on its own citizens and collecting every phone call, text, tweet and image you send. Not to mention you searches . . . on and on.

We could banter back and forth about the right or wrong of technology and the way in which it is used but I, for one, suggest that if you behave badly in a public space, you roll the dice and take your chances. Everyone today is armed with a video camera in their phone and what is to say these same individuals would not be drunkenly recording themselves or others because its "funny".

Don't do foolish things in a public space. The subject of this thread or any other video source can and probably is recording it for posterity.

Yet another example of how someone can be totally correct and still be a jerk.

Its a touchy subject. I saw this video a week ago, and the neighbors obviously know him well enough to trust him and support him. Its not the same in every community.

He has too much time on his hands, and even though 21 cameras do not cost that much, I would not be spending $2000+ to secure the community- let the HOA pay for that. To secure my own house, yes.

Industry needs to do something about pricing, support, and who can buy equipment. I refuse to service a DIY setup, just because I think it is a liability, and truthfully a royal pain in the ass...If I fix one camera and something else goes wrong, the "know it all customer" will use it as an excuse to get something free out of most of their installs are half assed. Also, they will tell you how to do your job, and that does NOT fly when I am fixing their screw ups.

Fixing competitors "half assed corners cut" jobs is bad enough- I'm not going to even attempt it with a homeowner...I avoid residential like the plague.

Industry needs to do something about pricing, support, and who can buy equipment.

Hey John! Ouch! :)

What a lot of integrators are failing to come to grips with, is how their "once shrouded in secrecy" industry has commoditized almost overnight, and people are no longer afraid to tackle these systems on their own. I am impressed with what this guy has pulled off on his own. I think it would be great for IPVM to reach out to this guy for an interview. His insight might help a lot of the integrators that are struggling with the new industry.

Industry needs to do something about pricing, support, and who can buy equipment.

Hey John! Ouch! :)

Wait a second, that's not me! Seriously, that quote is from U5 who is not me.

That said, we will reach out to him on social media and see if he is interested. That's a good idea.

i dont think its so much "secrecy" its more so the internet has driven prices down and people have produced how to youtube videos. same battle stores like best buy deal with. Hikvision doesnt help the case either.

According to this local radio interview from about a week ago (below), Marty has had his rig (and Youtube channel) up and running for more than 4 years - with a sum total subscriber base of ~15.

Marty claims that he then started setting his previously soundless and boring videos to 70s porn tracks and almost immediately one of the British online news sites found his site and posted about it. Then he started getting all the local press.

Good find!

Money quote:

"I have seen and recorded probably 50 some sex events."

So is he a pornographer or crime fighter?

This is my main objection.

What if you don't think Marty is necessarily 'right', but you also can't say he's 'gone too far'?

My Creep Meter is registering positive, but why do people think Marty has 'gone too far'? I don't think most of us live in neighborhoods like Marty's. For instance:

If you listen to the entire radio interview (and you shouldn't - it's boring) Marty explains that two houses in his neighborhood have been taken over by squatting tweekers and cops have used his system to nab a roaming band of copper thieves who were stripping out the infrastructure of homes in the region.

Now, I'm no detective... but this neighborhood does not sound like the kind of area where someone would live, given other choices.

So, if it's that kind of joint, maybe Marty is the only thing standing between long-time property owners and the urban blight that is eroding his neighborhood.

He's SuperMarty. :)

With all due respect, U6 Marty, there's only one SuperMartyYou.

Hes not the hero his community needs, but the one it deserves.......

not when he starts dawning the tights and rolling around with underage costumed kids then we should be worried....

lol atleast the ptz is an iR ptz so theres no guessing as to where it is looking

surprised no ones taken a pellet gun to his cameras

Looks like someone needs to get a life- if he spent as much time improving his products and less time chasing all the local pervs the world would be a better place. The police have better things to do than respond to his calls "for backup" because a person is hanging out in the park after hours.

While I couldn't devote that much time myself to deterring the actions of the people depicted in his videos, I do understand why he is making a stand. I think I might just move if my neighborhood was that bad. But, some people take a strong stand when it comes to their homes. They don't want to, or can't, move. I'm not sure what else he could do here.

#3 or successful attention getter.

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