M7001 Mini Encoder Overview

Published Mar 31, 2009 00:00 AM
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Manufacturer Description: “The highly compact, one-channel AXIS M7001 Video Encoder provides a cost-effective solution for integrating small or large numbers of analog CCTV cameras into an IP-Surveillance system.”

How the Product is Different: There are very few, if any, general use mini-encoders available.

What is the Value of the Product: For installations where space is scarce, this form factor can be beneficial. The encoder can be placed inside of a camera housing or existing junction box, eliminating the need for additional installation work.

Who Can Use the Product: Again, since it is an Axis product, you can use this with many existing video management systems. At a $300 on-line price point, it is also fairly inexpensive while providing full frame rate 4CIF H.264 compression. This will find use as a niche product to solve tight operational environments.