M1031-W Camera Overview

Author: John Honovich, Published on Mar 30, 2009

Manufacturer Description: H.264 camera “features a PIR sensor for motion detection without lighting, illumination LED and two way audio with built-in microphone and speaker. Video intelligence includes video motion detection, audio detection and active tampering alarm. “

How the Product is Different: Cube cameras are low priced and are generally positioned at the low end of the market. While there are many cube cameras on the market, Axis' new cube camera is the most feature rich in the market. Axis is introducing H.264, PIR sensor and a LED - all features rarely if ever available in cube cameras.

What ** *** ***** ** *** *******: At around $270 on-line price, these cameras provide a low cost way to improve night time monitoring and intrusion detection (as well as reduce bandwidth/ storage consumption). Though Axis ****** **** ************ **** ** *** ** **** *** ****-**** ******* *********, **** may ******* * ***** ****** ** ***** ****** **** ***** frustrate ** ********* ***** ** ******* ************.

Who *** *** *** *******: As a better cube camera for the consumer, small business and price sensitive part of the market, the M-1031 series (at $200 - $275 on-line pricing) is likely to be very attractive. Moreover, since Axis is almost universally supported, these cameras can be added into many existing deployments.

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