List of Lowest Cost Outdoor IP Cameras 2013

By Derek Ward, Published Jun 20, 2013, 12:00am EDT

Recently, a member asked for the lowest cost outdoor IP cameras, observing accurately that the range in price between manufacturers was significant. So we surveyed 10 manufacturers including Axis, Bosch, Sony, Avigilon, ACTi, Vivotek and more to figure this out, asking them for their lowest cost camera that was at least IP65 and 720p. [Note: this is the first output of our new Manufacturer Input system.]

Lowest Cost Models

Below are the least expensive models from each manufacturer that responded, and cameras that support resolutions higher than 720p are noted:

Competitive Analysis

While the 4 lowest cost options given here are relatively close in price (between $230 and $280), form factor and features vary between them. ACTI, Lilin, and D-Link are all true day/night cameras with built-in IR illumination, while the Avigilon HD Micro Dome is color only. 

On the other hand, the price variance amongst the offerings ranges more than 3x, with Sony and IQinVision being particularly steep.

Also, Avigilon Micro Dome and the Axis M2014-E are different, consisting of a remote camera head with main unit, connected via a short cable. All other models are standard dome, bullet, or cube form factors.

Further Information

Aside from the lowest cost models listed above, some manufacturers offered further information:

  • Axis: While the M2014-E was Axis' lowest cost model, they also offered options in other form factors. The Axis M1114-E is their lowest cost fixed box camera (MSRP: $649 USD / Street: ~$650). The Axis M3114-VE is their lowest cost fixed dome (MSRP: $549 USD / Street: ~$525). The Axis P1214-E is their lowest cost covert/pinhole (MSRP: $499 / Street: ~$450). Like the M2014-E, all of these models are color only.
  • D-Link: While the DCS-2332L cube was the lowest cost model from D-Link, they offered additional options in different form factors. The DCS-2310L [link no longer available] was their lowest cost wired network cube camera (MSRP: $329 USD / Street: ~$250). The DCS-7010L [link no longer available] was their lowest cost bullet camera (MSRP: $389 USD / Street: ~$350). Both of these cameras offer PoE, while the DCS-2332L does not.
  • Vivotek: Like D-Link, their lowest cost model was a cube camera. Vivotek's next lowest is the IP8332 bullet at ~$320 USD.
  • Bosch informs us the NDC-274-PT is scheduled to ship in July 2013.

Other Manufacturers

We want to add other manufacturers so if you have any suggestions or any specific models to add, feel free to leave a comment!

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