List of Lowest Cost Outdoor IP Cameras 2013

Author: Derek Ward, Published on Jun 20, 2013

Recently, a member asked for the lowest cost outdoor IP cameras, observing accurately that the range in price between manufacturers was significant. So we surveyed 10 manufacturers including Axis, Bosch, Sony, Avigilon, ACTi, Vivotek and more to figure this out, asking them for their lowest cost camera that was at least IP65 and 720p. [Note: this is the first output of our new Manufacturer Input system.]

Lowest Cost Models

***** *** *** ***** ********* ****** **** **** ************ **** responded, *** ******* **** ******* *********** ****** **** **** *** noted:

Competitive ********

***** *** * ****** **** ******* ***** **** *** ********** close ** ***** (******* $*** *** $***), **** ****** *** features **** ******* ****. ****,*****, *** *-**** *** *** **** ***/***** ******* **** *****-** IR ************, ***** ************* ***** **** ** ***** ****. 

** *** ***** ****, *** ***** ******** ******* *** ********* ranges **** **** **, **** **** ****************** ************ *****.

****,************* **** *** *** **** *****-* *** *********, ********** ** a ****** ****** **** ******** ****, ********* *** * ***** *****. *** ***** ****** are ******** ****, ******, ** **** **** *******.

Further ***********

***** **** *** ****** **** ****** ****** *****, **** ************* offered ******* ***********:

  • ****: ***** *** *****-* *** ****' ****** **** *****, **** also ******* ******* ** ***** **** *******. ******* *****-*** ***** ****** **** ***** *** ****** (****: $*** *** / Street: ~$***). ******* *****-**** ***** ****** **** ***** **** (****: $*** *** / Street: ~$***). ******* *****-*** ***** ****** **** ******/******* (****: $*** / ******: ~$***). **** *** *****-*, *** ** ***** ****** *** ***** only.
  • *-****: ***** *** ***-***** **** *** *** ****** **** ***** from *-****, **** ******* ********** ******* ** ********* **** *******. The***-******** ***** ****** **** ***** ******* **** ****** (****: $*** USD / ******: ~$***). ******-******** ***** ****** **** ****** ****** (****: $*** *** / Street: ~$***). **** ** ***** ******* ***** ***, ***** *** ***-***** does ***.
  • *******: **** *-****, ***** ****** **** ***** *** * **** camera.*******'***** ****** ** *** ************ ** ~$*** ***.
  • ***** ******* ** *** ***-***-** ** ********* ** **** ** July ****.

Other *************

** **** ** *** ***** ************* ** ** *** **** any *********** ** *** ******** ****** ** ***, **** **** to ***** * *******!

Comments (14)

The Sony and IQ cameras both have varifocal lenses, both are true day/night, and both are IK10 rated. In the case of the Sony SNC-DH160, that camera also has remote motorized zoom and remote focus (ABF), built-in IR illuminator and a built-in heater.

Mike, good feedback and noted.

It would though be useful to have a more basic and inexpensive Sony outdoor mode as an option:)

IP camera manufacturers are building all their lower end cameras with fixed lenses and their "professional grade" cameras with varifocal lenses. Their is a huge cost difference once you jump to a varifocal product. It is not clear why since the cost difference between a fixed and varifocal lens in nomimal. Perhaps because the low-end cameras are in a price sensitive market and the manufacuters need to drive their cost down to the bone. On the other hand most integrators insist on varifocal lenses, and I think with good reason. And they are usually operating in a less price sensitive market where quality, performance and funtionality are often more important than cost. Until companise like Sony don't appear to be interested in the low-end market which, by the way, is the fastest growing market segment.

You all have to look at the VD-202Ap 2MP Vandal Dome. It is a special model Brickcom camera I have used for several outdoor and indoor applications.

In particular interest besides its very reasonable price point, is the newest firmware allows significant FOV increases as well as very crisp day and night time images. It has what most anyone would need for varifocal use with built in lens and a micro SD slot ,etc.

Its ready to go anywhere and has an easy to mount options for wall/ceiling adapter if required.

Why do I never see Vivotek cameras mentioned? just curious... I have used quite a few and had great results!

Vivotek has yet to respond to our request, but as soon as they get back to us, it will be updated, so don't lose hope!

Vivotek has responded and their info has been added above. Their lowest cost overall is the IP8366W wireless cube: ~$280 Street Price.

Does anyone have any experience with the "Cricket IP" cameras from Point Grey?

The 720p (60fps) and 1080p (30 fps) were advertised at ISC West for $299 and $349 respectively - lens not included. Sony Exmor sensor.

Rob, we have not tested them but we do have an initial review of Cricket. Note, those cameras are indoor box. I actually think it would be worth testing them later this year. I'll put it in queue.

Sony's biggest drawback is their lack of choices in form factors. Want an outdoor IP66 dome? You're forced to take built in IR, auto/remote focus and ABF with it, at additional cost. Want audio input? You're forced to use the much more expnsive View-DR(WDR) models to get it.

If they and other companies don't realize they don't necessarily have to have the cheapest offering (because quality does count) but at least more choices in models whose spec's are in line with what's popular, the "low-enders" will keep eating their lunch.

>rant /off

I am constantly looking for a low cost but yet reliable and professional megapixel IP camera. I have spent countless hours testing different lower cost IP camera brands in a search to find a camera for our small business customers that do not have the budgets of some of the larger companies, but would like to benefit from the better picture quality of a megapixel camera. I am an agreement with an above poster on the Brickcom VD-202AP, 2 Megapixel Vandal Dome Camera. I have used it mainly with NUUO Titan, Main console and the NVR solo, and it is integrated well with that VMS.

I am wondering if the prices for IP cameras have declined significantly during the last couple of years?

Very bad article!

Hello Filipe,

We have updated the contents of this article with a 2015 piece. Feel free to give us feedback after reading that post as well. Thank you.

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