Disruptive Free Lead Generation Added To IPVM

By Donald Maye, Published May 15, 2020, 08:39am EDT

IPVM has added lead generation for sellers, for free, disrupting the long-standing practice of shows and publications charging. We are adding this into our online shows and IPVM generally, starting with this week's successful Start Up Show.

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Doing this for free is part of our overall philosophy of refusing advertising and sponsorships so our interests are aligned with the buyers and users of products.

Buyers want to find and get connected to specific offerings that might meet their needs. Often IPVM members will email or post on IPVM asking for our help with connecting to a manufacturer. This new feature makes it easy for them to do so directly and quickly.

Online Shows Lead Generation

While each presenter is presenting, we now display a button in the top right corner that allows attendees to contact that presenter to get more information.

Moreover, the same contact / request form will be available in subsequent show reports, e.g.:

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Test Reports As Well

Likewise, in IPVM test reports, we will include a similar contact form at the end of the report.

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

Email Sent To Seller

When a member submits a request, IPVM automatically emails the seller with the name, email, and optional note the member enters.

Opt-In Only

This works opt-in only, a member has to choose themselves to request their information be sent to a company.

Downsides to Sellers

Compared to traditional lead generation programs, there are downsides and limits with IPVM's approach. We will not sell leads and we have no motivation to maximize leads. Members solely need to decide if they want to be contacted by sellers.

Upsides to Sellers

On the positive side, this will reward and motivate sellers to build better products and deliver more informative presentations.

Contact IPVM To Add

If you are a seller, contact IPVM at info@ipvm.com to request us to add your company to the lead system.

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Nice! This will be very convenient. Thanks once again for another great feature IPVM!

IPVM team,

This is brilliant. Not only should it generate a higher level of interaction between you and the manufacturers, but the resulting leads are already qualified. The individual requesting more info has clearly watched the presentation or reviewed the test results meaning they have a real, genuine interest as opposed to a name from a mailing list, etc.

Way to be innovative, keep it up!

getting nostalgic thinking about the way sales were done ”back in the day”

IPVM Image

Building rapport and personal relationships between client and vendor is still how sales are done today.

Great feature!

Is this service available for integrators who did not present during any of the IPVM shows?

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