New Mini HD Camera Competitor to Axis and Avigilon

By: Ethan Ace, Published on Mar 03, 2014

Axis and Avigilon has new competition in the mini HD camera market.

KT&C has released two models which directly compete with Axis' P12 and M2014 cameras, promising higher resolution at a lower price point. These models also match up against Avigilon's Microdome offering.

In this note, we take a look at the KT&C miniature camera line and compare it to Axis and Avigilon.

Product Overview

The KT&C miniature line has the following features:

  • Miniature cube (~2") with pinhole lens and mini bullet form factors, both connected to separate, small PoE dongles via a short (~18") non-replaceable cable:
  • Miniature bullet is IP66 rated, though the PoE interface is not, and must be contained in a weatherproof junction box. Miniature cube is indoor only.
  • 1/2.8" Sony image sensor, 1080p resolution.
  • Claims ONVIF conformance, though is not officially listed [link no longer available]. 
  • Price: The KNC-HDi47 mini cube is resold by Supercircuits for $349 USD [link no longer available]. The KNC-HDBi230 bullet is not yet available online.

Compared to Axis

The HDi47 directly competes with Axis's covert P12 series, with some key differences:

  • Imaging: The KNC-HDi47 provides 1080p resolution vs. 720p in the P12 series, with a notably larger 1/2.8" image sensor instead of 1/4".
  • Flexibility: Single camera form factor only, versus the three sensor units available in the P12 series, allowing less mounting flexibility.
  • Interface cable: The P12 series ships with a much longer 26' cable, as opposed to ~18", allowing for more flexible positioning during installation, instead of requiring a junction box immediately nearby.
  • Surface-mount aesthetics: The P1204 ships with multiple cover options to improve aesthetics when the camera must be surface mounted. The KNC-HDi47 does not provides no option for covers, exposing the entire camera.
  • Price: The HDi47 is priced about 25% less than the P12 series, $350 vs. ~$480 online.

Compared to Avigilon

Like the Avigilon Microdome, the KT&C models have a two part construction including a very similar size tail / 'pez' dispenser for encoding / networking. The main differences is the form factor of the camera - bullet / lipstick for KT&C vs dome for Avigilon. Pricing between the two manufacturers will be roughly similar.


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The KT&C miniature series is potentially attractive for those seeking small and covert HD options, especially considering its lower cost than Axis. However, aesthetics and mounting may be concerns with the KT&C line, and its claim of ONVIF conformance without listing on the official site should be tested before deploying.

Users interested in covert HD cameras should also see our Axis MP Pinhole Shootout for further reading.




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