IVR Controls Hosted Video Company Overview

By John Honovich, Published Aug 29, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

IVR Controls is a US based provider of hosted and managed video surveillance. They offer significantly lower prices than competitors yet have drawbacks in configuration complexity.

IVR Controls has 2 main offerings:

  • Hosted Video: They support a number of Axis cameras as well as their own OEMed cameras/encoders. These devices stream off-site to IVR Controls' datacenter. For 7 days off-site recording, the MSRP is $12 USD per camera.
  • Managed Video: IVR Controls offers a series of NVRs that can be deployed locally. Their 4.5TB NVR unit that can support a few dozen cameras costs $1900 USD. The MSRP for managing the NVR is $15 per month for as many cameras as can be stored on the NVR.
IVR Controls reports that they sell only through dealers and currently have over 100 total dealers. IVR Controls customizes the customer facing web interfaces for their dealers.
IVR Controls requires on-site setup of devices - specifically setting up port forwarding and DDNS.
The most attractive element of the solution is the low pricing. The per camera pricing for hosted video is 50% less than other providers (such as Secure-i and ByRemote). The fee for managed NVRs is dramatically less because IVR charges a flat fee per box whereas Secure-i charge a fee per camera.
On the other hand, IVR is a small company and the configuration complexity could be costly and challenging for integrators/dealers without strong IT techs.
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