IT is Now in Charge of Security Systems

Published Mar 11, 2010 00:00 AM
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In a surprising move to us, Pelco's magazine now declares that times have changed and the IT manager is the 'new sheriff' in town. Pelco Press, reprinting an SSI article, declares in a article on the "Changing Face of the Commercial Customer" [link no longer available] that the IT manager "holds the purse strings. He approves the technologies. He is the gatekeeper." They emphasizes the importance of network security for safeguarding the business and concludes that, "the IT manager has been given unprecedented authority over his domain."

In an apocalyptic tone, the article declares "A hole was created. The security industry didn’t move fast enough to fill that hole, and a new breed of integrator and manufacturer moved in." 

If you are from the IP side, this may be reason for joy and a sign of defeat for the analog incumbents. If you still see life or opportunity for analog deployments and companies to grow or evolve, this must be confusing.

We find this to be bizarre, especially since most industry people, including from the IT side, acknowledge that projected IT blitkreig and the crowning of Cisco has not happened. While we certainly believe that IT is gaining in importance, it is at a far more modest pace than the draconian terms portrayed in this article.