iSecurity Virtual Trade Show Reviewed

Published Mar 02, 2010 00:00 AM
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Below is a video screencast showing the live iSecurity Virtual Trade Show held on March 3rd. The virtual trade show is meant to be an on-line version of a physical trade show (like ISC, IFSEC, Essen, etc.). For background, see our overview of iSecurity's approach.

In the screencast, we show what it looked like to be in the show live. Key takeways:

  • Best part was that there was ready interaction with a number of people (over 150 - 200 people were inside at any given time). If you had questions, you could quickly find someone and ask.
  • There were less than 10 exhibitors which really limited the amount one could do.
  • Communication was limited to chat which may be useful for small talk or basic questions but is very limiting for broader conversations (one could arrange voice/phone calls externally but it is not automatic).
  • Inside each vendor's virtual booth, the booth was 'empty.' Unlike a real trade where there would be stands with demos of each products, this show had some buttons where you could chat or watch canned videos but nothing close to the range of demos available in real shows. For instance, Axis only had 2 old videos on the M10 series cube cameras.