Is the Worst of the Recession Over?

Published Jul 12, 2009 00:00 AM
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The PSA, a large consortium of US integrators is projecting that the worst of the recession is over. They state, "We are seeing noticeable, positive results from our integrators. This is not to say we are back to the boom days, but our business is gradually getting better"

At the same time, they acknowledged how badly the recession has impacted the business: "In my 30 years in the electronic security business I have never seen such a difficult operating environment. It almost appeared the purchase order faucet was turned off."

Certainly, people across the board are saying that business is improving from the depths hit in the last few months. The problem remains that (1) a lot of businesses have been badly damaged over the last year (deep drains on cash/investment reserves) and (2) it is still not clear what factors are going to grow the economy or the security industry like what caused growth between 2002-2007.