IPVM Testing Program Update

By John Honovich, Published Oct 13, 2012, 08:00pm EDT (Research)

We are finalizing major improvements to IPVM's testing program. In this note, we explain what they are, how testing will change and what to expect in our expanded program.


Over the last 3 years, we have done over 140 tests ranging from individual products to shootouts and technology tests. In that time, we have developed the world's most extensive and in depth surveillance knowledge base.

However, testing has been based in Honolulu, primarily built around me. As IPVM scales, we need testing to scale with the organization.


New Space - We have leased a space in Pennsylvania (near Ethan) to conduct testing. This will be in addition to our existing space in Honolulu. However, the Pennsylvania location will be easier for IPVM employees, manufacturers and other interested parties to access.

New VMS / VPN Setup - Additionally, we are setting up a VPN and an array of test machines running various manufacturers of VMS software and different IP cameras. This will allow IPVM employees to do remote tests on certain features as well as more easily put together training on various surveillance features.

Methodology and style of testing will remain the same as before.

Priority of Testing

Starting at the beginning of November, testing will resume its core place in IPVM's release schedule. We plan to do more testing on fundamental and advanced technologies as well as shootouts of emerging technology areas. However, like before, we do not plan to try testing every product or broad ranges of similar products in mature areas.

Upcoming IPVM Tests

Over the next few months, we see 5 main areas of testing:

  • Thermal cameras - we are preparing a thermal camera shoout to better understand relative performance among the thermal vendors and also compared to IR and day/night cameras.
  • Analytics - along with thermal cameras, we plan to test video analytics performance.
  • WDR - with a number of new WDR releases over the las six month (e.g., Arecont, Avigilon, Bosch), we are working on a shootout of those cameras against recent leaders like the Axis Q1604, Sony CH140/240, etc.)
  • Panoramics - with so many new panoramic cameras, we want to understand tradeoffs and relative performance of the various entrants.
  • VMS - while VMS changes have not been huge, we have not done extensive VMS testing since 2010. With the new VMS/VPN test setup, we can more efficiently conduct comparisons amongst VMS vendors and analyze recent improvements.

Beyond that, we are looking at a lot of other areas and may test a few products individually as we find them interesting or different.

If you have questions or comments, as always, please share.

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