CANCELLED: IPVM Conference 2020

By IPVM Team, Published on Feb 13, 2020

CANCELLED, May 6th: We are canceling the IPVM September 2020 Conference and providing registrants with the choice of full refunds or equivalent IPVM membership credits plus a $50 bonus.

While we hope the pandemic ends as soon as possible, we are not comfortable putting any IPVM member or IPVM employee at risk. Even if the situation improves significantly over the next few months, we are doubtful that participants could enjoy an in-person event with all of the disruptions this year.

IPVM is doing well and does not want to put money ahead of the safety of our members. Moreover, we are fully focused on providing the maximum amount of research, reporting, testing, and help online continuously.

We will be contacting each registrant to process their refund or credit. We are happy to either refund in full to the credit card used or give equivalent IPVM membership credits plus a $50 bonus (e.g., most paid $799 for early registration, so we would credit $849).

We are thankful and humbled that over 140 people registered in February, right as the pandemic was emerging but we are confident it is better to cancel and refund this year.

Original Announcement

IPVM is excited to announce our 2020 conference.

IPVM Image

This is the first and only industry event that will be 100% sponsor-free. Like IPVM online, the IPVM event is 100% focused on delivering high-quality research and helping answer your questions. Watch the 2-minute video below to learn more:

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

What does the event cover?

The event consists of 10 sessions across 5 major areas of video surveillance:

IPVM Image

For each of these areas, there will be 2 sessions.

A technology session will cover who provides the best and worst products plus why they are the best and worst.

A business session will contrast to go-to-market strategies of major competitors, examining their core strengths and weaknesses.

Plus, we will have the technology set up live on-site showing you how it works, where it works and, most uncommonly, where it fails.

IPVM Image

When will the conference be held?

Wednesday, September 30 and Thursday, October 1, 2020.

The first day will cover video analytics, facial recognition and surveillance cameras, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The second day will cover VMS and VSaaS, breakfast and lunch and an optional afternoon open session where we will show conference attendees various major products' strengths and weaknesses up close.

Where will the conference be held?

Newark NJ, minutes from the Newark International Airport, with over 1,000 flights daily and within easy driving distance to tens of millions in the US mid-Atlantic. It will be at the recently renovated DoubleTree Hilton Newark Airport.

IPVM Image

Redeem the special IPVM event room-rate here.

The DoubleTree Hilton offers free transportation to and from the Newark Airport terminals. Likewise, parking on-site will be complimentary for all attendees.

Event Cost

Registration for the entire event costs $999 per person and includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner.

IPVM Image

How many can attend? 200 Total

Because this is our first event, we will be limiting attendance to 200 people, despite having 10,000+ members.

2 Per Company Max

We are asking each company to only register 2 people max per company since we are only accepting 200 attendees and want to have a diverse group of attendees.

Waitlist Policy

IPVM will maintain a waitlist for prospective attendees. Members will have 48 hours to register before we notify the next member on the waitlist.

Refund Policy

Prior to June 15th, (4 months from now) IPVM will offer a full refund to any attendee, for any reason. As such, we recommend registering now to save your spot and obtain the discount.

Why No Sponsors?

The dirty secret of most conferences is that they are shaped around promoting the agendas of the sponsors, including often buying speaking slots.

Just like IPVM on-line, we want a hard-hitting, highly informative conference where attendees get the most

Who Should Not Attend?

If you are looking to sell things, do not attend. There will certainly be networking at the conference but this is not meant to be a sales event and our refusal of sponsors underlies that.

If you are totally new to the industry and are looking for the basics, do not attend. This is not meant to be a 101 training but an inside, in-depth examination, and depth of the competitive positioning of the industry.

Who Should Attend

People who need to make strategic decisions about video surveillance technology should attend. For example:

  • Enterprise end-users that want help in determining what products or technologies to standardize on.
  • Integrators looking to learn more about what products they should lead with and how they should sell against rival products.
  • Managers at manufacturers who want to have a deeper understanding of their competitive landscape.
  • Investors that have invested or seek to invest in the industry wanting to better understand the opportunities available and threats looming.

Register Now

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Comments (31)

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trust me, there is no better reason to go to Newark than this!

I usually try and stay out of sewers too. But I will be

See you there.

Looking forward to it!

Countdown to "why not in Hawaii?" In 5... 4... 3... 2...

Lol, Hawai’i is great but not so convenient for a business conference.

That was my first thought, but then I realized this isn't in Pennsylvania either.

isn't in Pennsylvania either.

Lol, yes. We picked Newark because it was close to a lot of people (including our PA office) but less expensive than having it in Manhattan (but still quite close for those who want to visit or are from there).

Newark also says "this is a legitimate conference and not a boondoggle", since nobody ever wants to go to Newark unless they really have to.

Plus, you could probably try out some gun detection analytics in real time as part of the event.


The hotel is right around the block from the Airport and the Turnpike. It is about 15 minutes from downtown Newark.

Also, it was chosen for Wednesday and Thursday to facilitate those wanting to stay in the Mid-Atlantic for the weekend.

"No left turn" New Jersey!

Very exciting @ipvm team!

Investors that have invested or seek to invest in the industry wanting to better understand the opportunities and threats available.

kinda of sick of opportunities, but definitely interested in learning what threats are available :)

I'll register if you have the dinner catered by Fornos of Spain - best Portuguese place in Newark.

Fornos Spanish Cuisine- Spanish Tapas Bar, Newark - Spanish Food - Spanish Restaurant - Wines from Spain

I hadn't thought much about the food, just figured it would mostly be traditional Hawaiian fare, probably a luau or something.

Now you're talking - how's this for mandatory attire! Only $10 on Amazon, 14 different colors!

Very tempting. Maybe I can do this instead of ASIS, which I would rather do actually. Two big shows in one year is too much.

So where are the raffle tickets? And will there be a Vegan dinner option provided?

Note: Beer is acceptable Vegan food.


Also, can I be a bouncer? I would love to toss out the reps that bump their gums all day about how great they are(if they happen to show up).

At least one company is a bit dense:

I'm XXXXX, Marketing Coordinator for YYYYYY.
We might be interested in participating in the IPVM confrence.
Kindly provide more information regarding the event, who attended last year and who is planning to attend this year, how many attendees, the costs of a 10x10 corner booth, floorplan etc.

To reiterate, there will be no sponsors and, as such, no exhibitors.

In fairness, this is a company that struggles to understand reality.

In fairness, this is a company that struggles to understand reality.

That's not really doing much to narrow it down.

who attended last year

Struggling to understand reality indeed

-In fairness, this is a company that struggles to understand reality.-

I can relate when I first started, I can probably sneak in for the first day

Do I get a discount if I bring my bag? Also - who on your crew is volunteering for booth babe duty? :)

There doesn’t seem to be any mention of lodging? Is it included at the Double Tree? If not, do you have a block of rooms reserved for attendees? Do you have a group rate for self pay?

Jon- we actually have a group rate at the DoubleTree. Redeem the special IPVM event room-rate here.

The DoubleTree Hilton offers free transportation to and from the Newark Airport terminals. Likewise, parking on-site will be complimentary for all attendees.

This is awesome.

I am attending - and looking forward to it.

You can recognize me as I will be the dashingly good looking guy wearing a Surveillance Cow T-shirt.

@John - is it too late to request a refund for my ticket?


I will be there as well. This should be a really good experience and we will make a nice long weekend out of it.

Is the IPVM conference still on, not trolling asking seriously.

Yes, it is still on since it's more than 6 months away.

We made sure to have a coronavirus clause in the hotel contract so that we could cancel if need be.

For now, since it is so far away, we will watch how things evolve. Will things get better in the summer? Worse? TBD.

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