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By John Honovich, Published Jan 07, 2013, 07:00pm EST

Almost every surveillance manufacturer has a mobile app for viewing cameras but nearly no one has one to help installers and service techs do their jobs on-site. However, March Networks has released its "GURU" application aimed to do just that. In this note, we examine the app, its potential value and share a video screencast of it in action.

GURU's Notable Features

The app bundles a number of resources and tools, including:

  • Troubleshooting - the App lists common field problems and top solutions (both for DVRs and IP cameras)
  • Interactive tools - check whether products are covered under warranty and what the status of RMA shipments are
  • Video tutorials - help techs learn on practical issues for servicing or installing March products

Free downloads are available for iOS/Apple [link no longer available] and Google/Android versions.

[Note: See March Network's marketing pitch video for the app.]

We went through the app and produced the video below that helps you get a feel for what it does:

After seeing it, it seems obvious that every manufacturer should have such an app. While the features are common on (at least some) manufacturer websites, packaging them into an mobile application makes it far more convenient for field techs. Instead of opening a laptop and getting a wireless/cellular connection, the tech can simply open the app on their phone.

It's a 'win/win':

  • The tech can answer some basic questions without having to contact anyone, especially important if the tech is working after the hours of the manufacturer's tech support.
  • The manufacturer can reduce support call load and lower their staff costs.

All in all, we hope this serves as a template for other manufacturers to make it easier to access product information on the go.

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