IMS 2009 Video Surveillance Market Statistics

By John Honovich, Published Nov 29, 2009, 07:00pm EST

IMS Research has released preliminary statistics for the 2009 video surveillance market. While they bill the results as evidence that video surveillance has defied the downturn, the results are significantly poorer than 1 year ago.

Key 2009 statistics:

  • Global Video Surveillance market will increase by about 3%
  • Global IP Video surveillance market will increase by about 15%
  • Global analog video surveillance market will be flat (0% growth)
  • Inferred from these statistics, IP video surveillance market share grew from 20% to about 23% between 2008 and 2009.
By contrast, in November of 2008, IMS projected 10% global growth for 2009. Additionally, IP video surveillance market growth was down considerably from pre-recession growth projections of 35%-40%.

For recent market performance, review our analysis of over a dozen publicly traded companies results in the video surveillance market.

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