Improving Enterprise Management

Published Dec 16, 2009 00:00 AM
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In the last few months, Exacq has announced a number of improvements to address short-comings in enterprise management. Examining these features demonstrates key issues for larger-scale deployments.

In their 3.6 version released October 2009, Exacq added centralized account management for administering username/passwords across systems/appliances.

In their 3.7 version released December 2009, Exacq added enhanced system management viewing, allowing at a glance tracking of status and information for large numbers of systems/appliances.

Neither of these are novel. Moreover, many of the large VMS systems offer extensive enterprise management capabilities includes Active Directory integration, redundancy for recorders and central management system, transcoding of video streams, etc. For Exacq, this is important to provide solutions for larger, multi-site deployments (contrast to QNAP, another cost effective NVR appliance provider with even limited enterprise management capabilities).