IFSEC's Global Security Challenge Examined

Published Oct 22, 2010 00:00 AM
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IFSEC has announced a "Future of Security Competition" that seeks to identify security innovations from startup companies. This is being run in conjunction with the Global Security Challenge, a group that regularly runs competition in the security industry. As with all trade show awards, the winners of this competition will receive significant media/marketing from IFSEC and its associated publications

A few interesting elements to this competition:

  • The competition is free to entrants. Unlike most award competitions associated with shows, entrants do not need to be exhibitors nor pay entrance fees.
  • Companies can essentially purchase a seat at the judge's table by becoming a sponsor of the event (paying $10,000-$30,000 each). This element is quite strange. It's hard to imagine a 'fair' competition where the judges buy their way to their positions.

This looks to be a new competition for the 2011 IFSEC and a good opportunity for young companies to get exposure. On the other hand, given that judge's seats are for sale, it will be interesting to see the validity or appropriateness of the winners.