Please IFSEC Take Down This Embarrassing IP Video 'Training' [DONE]

Published Jun 20, 2016 17:52 PM
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A new IFSEC video claims you are limited to about 7 HD cameras on an IP system because of a 'lack of bandwidth.'

This is wrong, badly and sadly so. 

The 'trainer' starts by acknowledging some IP benefits, noting:

one of the big points... is to use your existing company data network to transmit your CCTV, thus it reduces your installation cost

However, he then warns about the major 'problem' of IP:

However, when we look at the reality of this we are limited by our 100Mb/s bandwidth. This is great for normal use but in most cases we would be limited to about 7 High Definition cameras on the system because of that major problem, the lack of bandwidth

Two things and, really, if this is news to you, you probably should not design nor touch modern video surveillance systems:

  • Gigabit switches (i.e., 1,000Mb/s) are commonplace, 10x the bandwidth assumed. There are thousands of them listed on UK Amazon. 100Mb/s is no limit nor barrier for IP video surveillance.
  • IP cameras consume far less bandwidth than the 10-14Mb/s per that the 'trainer' is assuming (i.e., 7 HD cameras on 100Mb/s). 4Mb/s per stream is high now and this is for below average HD cameras at full frame rates. This does not even factor in smart codecs which more and more leading vendors are adding, driving HD bit rates to regularly under 1 Mb/s.

There is simply no problem using dozens, or even 100+, IP cameras on a single IP network because of the reality of Gigabit switches and modern H.264 codecs (even without factoring smart codec advancements). 

And, to be clear, we have been bullish about HD analog for 2 years now, and there are many reasons to go HD analog, but the bandwidth limitations on IP claimed here is simply incompetent.

IFSEC, if you care about getting very basic technical points right, please take down this video or replace it with something factually sound, for the good of the industry, if not your own reputation.

Want to learn? We have an excellent free guide that can help teach your trainer and anyone else similarly confused: Bandwidth Guide for Video Networks.

UPDATE - Video and Article Removed

IFSEC has removed the video and the article.

For reference sake, here is the video:

It is good they took it down but fascinating to contemplate how they would ever publish something so fundamentally wrong. Does anyone at IFSEC or Tavcom know IP Video 101?


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