IFSEC Sales Director More Influential Than CEOs of Axis, Avigilon, Genetec and Milestone

By: John Honovich, Published on Jul 05, 2016

The CEO of Axis is not influential, nor the CEOs of Avigilon, Genetec or Milestone.

The Top 50

The (IFSEC 'Global') Top 50 Most Influential People in Security and Fire 2016 was released and none of those CEOs made it.

IFSEC Sales Director

[link no longer available]Who was more deserving than Axis, Avigilon, Genetec and Milestone CEOs?

IFSEC's head sales person, Peter Poole [link no longer available].

IFSEC is the industry's 5th or so largest trade show (behind CPSE, Essen, Intersec, ISC West, etc.).

Hikvision CEO #35

In fairness, though, IFSEC did rank Hikvision's CEO as more influential than IFSEC's own sales person.

But Hikvision's CEO was still only 35th, a surprisingly low showing for a company that has disrupted the global surveillance market in the past few years, increased sales by billions, radically dropping video surveillance prices globally, changing strategies of numerous competitors and pushing many to sell off.

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More Influential Than Hikvision?

Here is who is more influential than Hikvision's CEO:

  • The European director for a division of Assa Abbloy, Kate Clark [link no longer available]
  • A person who stopped being the chair of ONVIF 3+ years ago, Jonas Andersson [link no longer available]
  • The CEO of a UK training company who teaches that most IP systems are limited to 7 HD cameras, Mike Tennent [link no longer available]
  • The CEO of a UK PSIM company, Keith Bloodworth [link no longer available]

'Like' Hikvision or not, Hikvision is clearly far more influential than any of those people or companies.

Ranking As Promotional Tactic

In fairness, what IFSEC is doing is a stunt to promote their tradeshow. And trying to numerically rank 50 people fairly and accurately in terms of an imprecise quality like 'influence' is a hopeless task (e.g., is Milestone's CEO more influential than Genetec's? is UTC's exec more influential than Honeywell's exec? etc., etc.).

But whatever short-term attention IFSEC hopes to gain is more than offset in long-term loss of credibility.

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