Hybrid NVRs Slowing Move to IP Video

Published Jul 08, 2009 00:00 AM
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Adding IP camera support to DVRs ('hybrid') will slow the motivation to move to IP video software. An anecdote this week that supports this: I was emailing with a major retailer who explained their current system design - Pelco analog cameras and Axis IP cameras. He uses Pelco DX8100 series DVRs and decoders to record the Axis IP cameras. He understandably does not like using decoders but has to because he has DVRs. He mentioned that if Pelco did not add IP camera support that they "we will be going to an ONSSI or the like as soon as we get some funds." Of course, as we mentioned last week, Pelco's DX8100 v.2.0 is now adding support for IP cameras.

I hear this theme frequently from end users. Most end users have DVRs that are a few years old and know about the growth of IP. However, because of monetary concerns, it's often a tough decision. To the extent that DVR manufacturers add IP support to existing products in the field, this becomes a 'pressure release' enabling customers to continue with their DVRs. However, many DVR manufacturers are not doing this with American Dynamics Intellex being one of the larger vendors with no IP support for their analog DVRs.