HiTron Revenue Decline Examined

Published Nov 25, 2010 00:00 AM
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While relatively unknown in much of the world, HiTron [link no longer available] is one of the world's largest DVR/analog manufacturers. Since the beginning of 2009, its revenue has fallen precipitously. The revenue declines continue throughout the most recent reporting period of June 30, 2010. Revenue peaked in 2008 at approximately $140 Million USD, declining by over 20% to about $110 Million in 2009 (see Business Week's financial statement review). Now, for the 6 months ending June 30, 2010, revenue dropped another 10% and is on pace for less than $100 Million in 2010 annual revenue (as noted in a Reuter's HiTron Research Report [link no longer available]).

HiTron, powered by low cost solid quality analog CCTV products, grew strongly over the previous decade. Now, it's facing severe challenges as the market shifts to IP. Like most manufacturers, HiTron is now expanding its IP camera lineup [link no longer available].

Compare to Dedicated Micros which suffers from a similar position and revenue decline pattern. Contrast to Vivotek who revenue has jumped significantly as it rapidly expanded its IP camera portfolio.