Hikvision Hires Ex-Genetec Manager

By John Honovich, Published May 07, 2015, 12:00am EDT

One of Genetec's longest tenured employees has joined Hikvision, as Hikvision gears up its own VMS software offering.

In this note, we break down the move, what Hikvision is working on and what this means more broadly.

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On the surface, this looks like an interesting move for sure. After spending time on the manufacturing side of things for many years, I would just have to say that there are several reasons why this was made that might not be immediately obvious. Reasons I've seen for key veteran employees making moves like this I've personally seen are:

  • They were "asked" to find a new opportunity for internal reasons that we'll likely never know...(downsizing, restructuring, internal conflict, etc.)
  • They felt they didn't have the opportunity to advance with their current company and had to look elsewhere
  • They had personal reasons, like having to live somewhere else, reducing travel, etc. that couldn't be resolved at their current company
  • Money...it's not uncommon for up & coming companies (HIK could certainly be considered in this catagory with regard to their US business or software business for sure) to throw a bunch of cash at someone to get a well known individual
  • They were just tired of working for the same company for so long...the passion is gone and a move was needed just to maintain sanity

Anyone else have any thoughts about why folks like Bocking make a move like this? I only ask because some of these reasons don't really have an impact on the rest of the market, but others certainly could, and when it deals with a powerhouse like Genetec, it matters.

I am not going to speculate about why he left or joined but he did leave Genetec in November 204 and joined Hikvision in April 2015, according to his LinkedIn profile.

I don't think this has any real impact on Genetec. Genetec's a big company with lots of talented people and there's no sizable pattern of people leaving Genetec.

I do think it's meaningful for Hikvision simply because it's reasonable to assume he could have worked for a lot of Western companies and choose Hikvision.

That said, Hikvision has dozens of established security professionals who previously worked in the industry, though it's especially noticeable when it is from companies like Genetec, Milestone, Axis, etc.

Free trial of iVMS 5200 Professional is now available.

Chris- that link is from the International Website, not the US website.

North American launch of iVMS-5200 has not been scheduled.

I would not encourage anyone in North America to download it at this time as we cannot provide support


Aw, man! :)

So where is it ok to download, anywhere but North America?

Chris- send me your contact info and any specific requirements


I cant stop you from downloading - yet :)

If you're using it for testing purposes I wouldn't think support mattered too much. Let them have a play with it but advise Nth America Hik won't support any 5200 support calls.

I think this shows that Hikvision is seeing the need to do more than just sell products. If they can beef up their offerings and features within their own VMS, then this is a solid move for them.

With the prices and multiple outlets available on these products (IP cameras, TVI, CVI, or whatever the future brings - the features and richness of the system interface will likely be a huge driving factor to alot of integrators when you look at what products they choose to support and push.

With good cameras being under $200, or even $100 now, price wont be a large factor for long, it will be the other things that a manufacturer can bring. Look at all the mergers and buyouts... Avigilon/Redcloud, Axis/Milestone, the list goes on and on. The ability to bundle features and options that make your product a item that will attract integrators to use your product - is far more important than the ability to produce X,000,0000,000 gadgets and cameras.

Nice move!

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