Hikvision: IPVM Is "Destined To Fail"

Author: John Honovich, Published on Jun 14, 2017

Hikvision has accused IPVM of 'cyberbullying' them, declaring IPVM 'destined to fail.' This is the 3rd anti-IPVM Hikvision post in 2 weeks, including Hikvision giving IPVM an 'F', following last month's Hikvision declaring IPVM 'absolutely unethical' and 'anti-everything'.

"Cyberbullying Campaign"

Hikvision describes IPVM's reporting of them as a 'cyberbullying campaign'.

Such an accusation from a Chinese government owned company, with 20,000 employees, and a massive marketing budget, is strange considering the 'bullying' comes from what they describe repeatedly as a nameless blog:

IPVM's Reporting on Hikvision

Hikvision observes that IPVM has been "busy, posting 38 'articles' about Hikvision" in 2017. We have been busier, with 340+ articles posted so far this year (and 4,690+ total articles).

Hikvision says those IPVM articles are a 'cyberbullying campaign' but does not cite any specific articles or proof of that. Here are 10 examples of IPVM's 2017 'cyber bullying' / reporting including:

IPVM has extensive coverage of Hikvision and numerous video surveillance companies.

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Embarrassed Hikvision

The source of Hikvision's angst is more likely their embarrassment over their issues we have reported on, such as:

And it is not only product issues. Hikvision is embarrassed and upset that we reported how their owner, the Chinese government is forcing churches in China to install video surveillance cameras to spy on them.

Continuing Projections

Hikvision says that if IPVM continues our 'cyberbullying campaign', we will post 78 articles on Hikvision by the end of 2017 (and 700+ total articles).

Ironically, if Hikvision continues the pace of anti-IPVM blog posts that they are doing this month (3 in the past 2 weeks), they will have another 80+ anti-IPVM posts this year.

Hikvision Brand Damage

Hikvision should be concerned about the growing damage to their brand. The facts on their Chinese government ownership and their ongoing cybersecurity problems, including the perfect 10.0 DHS vulnerability score is easy for their competitors (who disrespect them), integrators and end users to see and share. The awareness of those problems has grown significantly in the past 2 years.

Reasonable people see what is going on. Hikvision is trying to draw attention away from its issues by name calling IPVM. It will work with their most loyal supporters but most professionals are turned off by this tactic.

Hikvision, as big as it it is in China, is still learning how to sell 'overseas' / Internationally under their own brand. Hopefully they will do so and we are happy to report on positive matters as they improve.

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