Hikvision Barred From US City Housing Authority Bid

By John Honovich, Published Feb 14, 2017, 10:11am EST

A US city's housing authority has barred Hikvision products from their bid, due to 'increasing security concerns.'

In the past few months:

While RFPs sometimes require a certain manufacturer(s), to have an RFP explicitly exclude a single manufacturer is atypical.

On the plus side for Hikvision, the city of Pawtucket has only ~70,000 people, so the direct revenue impact is trivial. However, any trend where municipalities start barring Hikvision would be a significant blow to the company's hopes of dominating the market.

For now, Hikvision continues to disrupt the industry with their go-to move of cutting prices again and again, this time slashing prices 40% on their new kits.

If you see any other RFPs with similar restrictions / issues, please email us at info@ipvm.com


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