The UK: Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare?

By John Honovich, Published Nov 07, 2012, 12:00am EST

I am beginning to think the UK does not need IP cameras. They need Mad Max. I cringe now each time I see news showing UK CCTV footage. The level of violence is simply stunning. The brazenness is something out of a post apocalyptic movie.

Watch this video of an armed robbery at 10:15 in the morning:

This is simply crazy. How bad are things in the UK that criminals engage in such risky behavior both for themselves and the public? It is not as if crime is unknown in the US but typically criminals try to hide their actions.

The reality is no camera is going to do anything to handle this type of crime. These criminals are completely covered up so the cameras make out nothing yet are doing it in the middle of the day when dozens or hundreds of people can see them. Only a rapid response of armed LEO can really deal with this.

Notice though, in the clip above, clearly an operator is controlling the PTZ in real time but can do little given how covered up the robbers are. That said, it was surprising that they did not try to zoom in further to see if they could capture any other details.

Finally, here's a clip of 2 crazy guys in the UK cutting down a pole with a CCTV camera on it:

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