The 2018 Surveillance Industry Guide

By IPVM Team, Published Jan 16, 2018, 09:26am EST

The 300 page, 2018 Video Surveillance Industry Guide, covering the key events and the future of the video surveillance market, is now available, group members can request a PDF copy be emailed to them, all personal members can access all reports linked below.

The main theme for 2018 is the contest between Chinese and Western manufacturers. As the race to the bottom ends and problems for Chinese manufacturers rise, the competition will get more heated. Dahua and Hikvision show no signs of backing down but now face growing barriers. This leaves a market torn between very aggressive sales campaigns of low-cost products and concerns about security and quality.

The IPVM guide explains those issues, providing background and analysis of key market events and drivers.

Table of Contents

Below is a snapshot of the Table of Contents:

All chapters come from reports published on IPVM. Below is a list of those reports, with links to the locations where they can be read immediately:




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More Notable Vulnerability Reports

Key Problems

Axis / Avigilon

Notable Industry Moves


How To Get It

There are 3 ways to get the 2018 Guide PDF:

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