Give Your Team A Competitive Edge With An IPVM Group Subscription

By IPVM Team, Published Oct 04, 2021, 07:57pm EDT

Make your team more productive and expert in video surveillance, with unique research, reporting, insights, and training by upgrading to an IPVM group subscription.

Join 1,000 groups already that know what trends are evolving, which companies are falling and rising, and how products really work.

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How staff benefit from an IPVM subscription

Executive Management

  • Determine the best companies for strategic partnerships
  • Train new hires at all levels on the video surveillance industry faster
  • Beat the competition, understand competitive landscape

Sales & Marketing

  • Discover competitor weaknesses
  • Know what buyers want
  • See customer demands for products
  • Communicate effectively to product & engineering about customer needs

Engineering & Design

  • Wow clients & win jobs with system designs using Design Calculator
  • See how products work in real-world conditions
  • Save hundreds of hours testing yourself


  • Installation course, book and videos to train new techs
  • Compare Integrator labor estimates for camera placement
  • See what other Integrators pay techs
  • Hourly rates Integrators charge

Technical Service

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  • Stay updated on emerging technology trends
  • Ask 16,000+ professionals for solutions on problems
  • See camera performance & shortcomings
  • Better understanding of different VMS/VSaaS

Customer Support

  • Understand industry jargon
  • Spend less time deciphering questions
  • Learn the right questions to ask
  • Become more competent in addressing customer needs

What you get:

Keep your team ahead with tests, acquisitions, trends, and online shows.

Bring new hires up to speed on the market faster with books and training courses; people new to video surveillance, take the 101 course.

Prevent costly mistakes from product research.

Win deals, WOW customers with system designs using IPVM Design Calculator.

Test knowledge with quizzes on video surveillance 101, IP networking, IP cameras, access control, video analytics, and more.

Company reviews every month with an emphasis on weakness, limitations, and cost. These reviews help to understand the real trade-offs involved, not simply the marketing hype.

Group plans include:

  • Unlimited access to 7,000+ reports & 900+ tests
  • Unlimited Design Calculator design projects
  • Individual logins for each team member
  • Assign quizzes & see results
  • Custom company & news alerts
  • Full Discussion board
  • Five books, download immediately
  • Download PDF reports for offline viewing (Group 10+ only)
  • 1 Course enrollment (Group 10+ only, $299 value)

What Group subscribers share

"The training resources are invaluable, the articles are relevant and the tools are vital to our continued success. So I try to share it with everyone in my group to ensure we are all on the same 'page'."


"My sales team uses it to show camera layouts and expectations to customers prior to purchase . Great team information as well . I have recommended and gotten at least 10 others to buy your program since I started my own account years ago."


"I want key members of our sales and technical team to stay informed on what is happening in the industry."


"I oversee the Security & Access division for [US] County and I feel that your online training courses and website are beneficial and very informative for my staff. We are responsible for the access control and VMS systems and since we are a local government entity we are not exposed to a lot of the new technologies and offerings that are available to private companies. Your courses and website provide this additional information to us."


"Allows me to offer access to my employee base to keep them up to speed on the industry. Easier to manage and saves some $$ vs individual memberships."


"We are in a smaller city and seldom see Manufacturer Reps and Trade Shows have almost dried up due to Covid and we needed a Source for Reliable Unbiased Information. Your reputation is strong within the Security Community and the Information is Invaluable!"


"Allow the team to monitor industry trends & product reviews. The industry in general also has a lack of solid educational materials for those converting from IT to PhySec for example as the industries continue to converge."


"To manage the multiple people at our company that has logins. And be able to re-assign those logins as job functions change or people come and go."


"For every salesperson in the organization to have access to the calculator and for the technical guys to have access to the reviews. Finally just to keep people up on news."


"We had a few people at the company interested in subscribing, and so it made sense as it costs us a bit lesser. "

Give your team a competitive edge. Join over 1,000 groups and 15,000+ people,

Subscribe to an IPVM group plan:

100% money back satisfaction guarantee for 7 days on new subscriptions.

Frequently asked questions

Can we reassign the licenses during the subscription?

Yes. You may remove and add members any time you wish

Can we pay by Purchase Order?

Yes. Get an invoice immediately. We will issue an invoice referencing your Purchase Order number.

Do you offer payment terms?

No. We do not offer payment terms. The subscription must be paid in full prior to activation.

Does our subscription include any courses?

Groups of 10 or more, get a free course registration for 1 person each year.

Who administers the account?

One or more of the users in the group will be designated as the User Manager. User Managers are able to add and remove other users from the group as well as enroll them in courses, assign quizzes, and view how many reports each user has read. IPVM admins are not able to add users to the group.

Will you automatically invoice us when it is time to renew our subscription?

We will automatically send you notice of renewal one week prior to the end of your current term. You may contact us anytime to request an invoice.

If we register for multiple courses, is there a discount on the course fee?

We offer a $50 discount per course, per person, when purchased one month or more before the course starts.

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